How Can I Save Money With A Sliding Door?

There are so many variations.

Flat track is probably the least expensive of the exposed trolley type.

Let’s say we’re talking about a 3 foot door.

Black Powder Coat - Wood DoorFlat track starts at about $350, let’s say.

The German sliding door hardware starts at $895 for hollow track and $1500 for solid stainless steel.

Of those, there are more things that you can customize.

It just depends on which style you choose.

The most expensive sliding door hardware we have, which is our MWE stainless steel sliding door hardware, is machined and made in Germany.

We have a line of Stainless Steel sliding door hardware that’s made in Portland, Oregon, so it’s made in the states.

It’s about half of the price of most of those systems.

It’s tubular track, so the track isn’t solid. It’s like a rectangular tube, but it’s the same kind of thing.

It’s really high quality. It’s still made out of stainless steel, so it’s not going to rust any time soon. It works really well.

Those two types of sliding door hardware are more, you could say, esthetically pleasing. If you’re going for a more modern or contemporary kind of look.

All the sliding door hardware you see at Home Depot is closet sliding door hardware.

The sliding door hardware that we sell is designed for the look as well as the function.

The sliding door hardware we do is very unique.

We specialize in sliding door hardware that you just can’t find at any of the “big box” stores.