How To Increase The Size Of Any Room

With square footage at a premium most everybody is looking for ways to make a room larger. Most hotels have these curved shower curtain rods designed to add a few inches to your space in the shower. The hotel bathroom door swings into the bathroom just missing the toilet and shower curtain by an inch.

So how can you grow a room without increasing its size? Use a sliding door instead of a swing door. Some folks still call them barn doors.

When you think about it one standard 36” wide door takes up about 16 square feet just for clearance to swing it. So if you use the hotel example instead of saving inches, you’ve just saved several feet.

If you do that to enough swing doors you’ve just added a new room for the modest price of some barn door hardware. Sliding door hardware is cooler than ever and some folks even call it, “Jewelry for my doors.” I liked the idea so much I started Specialty Doors.

So go ahead… grow a little!