The BAU Architectural Fair In Munich

This is the largest trade show in the world and I did not want to miss out.

It comes every two years to Munich, Germany and this year attendance was 250 thousand people including my wife and I. There were 2000 exhibitors from 43 countries and I was convinced that I would find a new and amazing product that we could sell on our website. After 5 days at the show with tired legs and sore feet I gave up. I found nothing new or amazing.

What I did come to realize is that there is nothing that compares to “German Quality”. We viewed many knock-offs from China and it is crap by comparison. I’m not sure why German stuff is so much better; but it is.

However, Munich is a very cool city with excellent transportation and very friendly people. So, on day 6 my wife and I went to the BMW museum. WOW! This should be part of any trip to Germany. BMW spent $600 million on the building alone. It truly has to be seen to be believed. And we don’t even own a BMW.

They actually have cars hand-painted by big time artists and a kinetic sculpture made of steel balls that turns into a BMW, set to music. A trip and a half. My wife is such a trooper to put up with me at these shows. I owe her… big.