Does Specialty Doors Sell The Doors Or Just The Sliding Door Hardware?

We don’t sell doors. We just handle the sliding door hardware. You supply the doors. You’re going to want to get it locally, buy the door panel yourself, or build it on site.

It’s not really cost effective to ship a door. The reason for that is that it’s costly to ship a door, more than it’s worth sometimes. There are literally thousands of places that make doors.

You can go to a local lumber mill and they can make you one. You can get one made by a carpenter.

You can use anything as a door. You can use a standard swing door. You can frame a piece of plywood.

You can use any style door. We just need to know the thickness of the door.

Usually it’s an exterior door which is an inch and 3/8ths thick, but you let us know and we will get the right sliding door hardware for that.

Google “sash and door” and your city name or zip code and you’ll find a bunch of places.

(A sash is a part of a window, not related to a door, but companies that generally make sashes also make doors.)

Short answer is no, we don’t do the sliding doors themselves.