How Much Does Sliding Door Hardware Cost? How Can I Get It Cheaper?

You get what you pay for.

It costs anywhere from 100 dollars to 3500 dollars depending on what style of sliding door hardware, the length of the track and how many panels you need.

The owner of our company has gone around and found the highest quality sliding door hardware that he could find.

The standard flat track, the exposed track, is the least expensive.

We do have some sale sliding door hardware on German sliding door hardware that comes in kits.

If your door opening falls within that kit size, you can get a much better deal on the sliding door hardware, maybe even half price, depending on what we have in stock.

From time to time, we buy a large quantity of these kits.

We can’t break them apart.

They aren’t custom.

If your door sizing fits into the sizes that we have, we can give you really good pricing on those.

You could go out and buy some cheaper sliding door hardware from Home Depot, but in a couple years you’re going to replace it.

You can spend a couple hundred dollars every couple years or you can spend five hundred dollars on a set of our sliding door hardware and you won’t have to worry about it any more.

It’s nowhere near the same quality.

Ours might cost more, but it’s going to last a lot longer and work a lot better.

Our sliding door hardware is German sliding door hardware.

It’s solid. It’s machined. It’s not welded.

It’s much better quality.

The quality control is much better.

We back our products with a low price guarantee.

The sliding door hardware you see at Home Depot is a copy of what we sell.

If you want the original, if you want the real sliding door hardware, we have it.