Is Installing A Sliding Door As Easy To Install As A Swing Door?

It’s easier to install a sliding door than a swing door.

There’s a lot more on a swinging door that could go wrong than on a sliding door.

With a swing door, the door has to fit right in the opening.

You have to worry about hinge placement, whether you’ve got mortised or surface mounted hinges and you could vary the width of your door.

You have to worry about strike plates and your latches.

You have to worry about the door hitting the stop.

Then it has to fit squarely into the opening.

A lot of time you’ll have a wall or an opening that isn’t perfectly square.

There are ways to compensate for that, but if you’ve never installed a swing door or had instruction in doing so, that could cause a problem.

With a swinging door, everything has to be perfect because you’re putting it into a hole, so if you don’t put the hinges in the right place, it’s not going to work right.

It’s critical.

With a sliding door, all it has to be is that the door has to be bigger than the opening and you’re pretty much golden.

On a sliding door, you can do some adjustments.

You don’t have to be as accurate.

There’s no hinge prep.

It’s on the face. It’s not as critical.