What Finishes Are Available For Sliding Door Hardware?

The stainless steel sliding door hardware mostly just comes brushed.

We can get the MWE sliding door hardware polished, so it’s a shinier finished, where the brushed is more of a matte finish.

The MWE can get plated different colors, so we have a dark bronze or a copper.

They can actually plate it in gold, real gold, but obviously that would drive up the price quite a bit.

The tubular track system has one system, called “Baldur”, that they polish also, but the rest of that just comes brushed.

In the flat track sliding door hardware, they have a brushed steel finish, using regular carbon steel, but it looks like a satin nickel finish.

There’s a powder coated black. There’s an enamel painted black finish. Raw steel, raw steel with a clear coat, enamel painted bronze. There’s a bronze powder coat.

The box track systems comes with in galvanized steel, powder coated paint, or mill finished aluminum.

There is a line of sliding door hardware that they can powder coat.

The standard finish is sometimes a “pebble tan”, which is a light beige.

That color is used in a lot of office furniture. So some companies are set up to powder coat that color.

They can also powder coat it black, but it takes them 4 or 5 weeks to send it out to be done.

Flat track comes in a few different finishes.

Flat black for a wrought iron look. You can get bronze. You can get copper. We have a satin that’s clear coated. With the stainless steel, you want to see it.

You’re spending the money to see it, but we can powder coat that as well, in any finish.

That does increase the lead time and it is pretty expensive to powder coat it. It’s kind of a waste to cover up the stainless steel.