Can I Use Glass For A Sliding Door?

Yes. There are a lot of options and some limitations to be aware of.

Most of the sliding door hardware requires some type of bolt, which requires holes in the glass.

We’ll supply a bolt that you can give to your grazier, so that they can put the holes in the right place.

The hangers have to accept glass, which is usually thinner.

If you are going to use flat track, we don’t have the right fasteners for that.

You’ll have to get them on your own. You can get them from Lowes or Home Depot, or pretty much any sliding door hardware store.

You just need a shorter carriage bolt and you’ll have to put some sort of grommet inside the hole.

That way the metal bolt isn’t touching the glass where it goes through the door, because that will eventually chip it.

Then, in the stainless steel sliding door hardware, all the stainless steel sliding door hardware that we have will work, except for the ones that mount directly to the top of the door.

We have a few different styles of sliding door hardware that do frameless glass.

Some of the systems clap the glass.

In the line of box track sliding door hardware, we have some that you can use on a frameless glass door.

There are less options with frameless glass.

Instead of drilling through the glass door, it’s like a clamp on the top of the glass, with the rollers up in the track.

Weight is an issue with glass.

Obviously, something that claps on to the glass has a lower weight rating than something that’s drilled through.

Different sliding door hardware has different weight ratings.