What Kind Of Fasteners Come With My Sliding Door Hardware?

For most of the sliding door hardware, you’re going to get two packages.

The track comes in a long tube that generally just has the track in it.

Then you’ll get a second box that has the sliding door hardware.

It will have the rollers and the brackets and all that sliding door hardware in there.

For the stainless steel sliding door hardware, for the MWE sliding door hardware or the tubular track, that will come with the track length that is double the width of your door.

You’ll get the spacers that project your track off the wall.

You’ll get lag bolts that you use to attach your track to your wall.

You’ll get one pair of rollers per panel that you have.

Those rollers usually attach with some sort of a carriage bolt.

You’ll get one pair of stops per door.

Those are mounted up on the ends of the track to keep the door from sliding off the end of the track or from crashing into another door, or a wall or something.

Then you’ll get one bottom guide per door.

For the most part, for the wood doors, it’s called a fin guide.

It looks like an upside down letter T.

You mount that to the floor just to the outside your opening, right where the door overlaps the opening.

You cut a grove in the bottom of the door, which sits on top of that little fin, and slides back and forth across it.

It keeps the door from pitching in or out as it slides.