Can I Use Flat Track For Bi Passing Doors?

We really discourage it.

It’s possible, but the results are usually not satisfactory.

It’s not as safe as box track and flat track doesn’t really work right for bi-passing doors.

It’s difficult to hang on the wall.

It’s not made or designed to do bipassing, so you have to turn one set of rollers backwards.

It doesn’t look right.

If you ask us for bipassing, we’ll tell you to use box track.

It’s tricky with exposed sliding door hardware, because you need a special bracket for the flat track if you’re going to mount it to your wall.

We don’t have that bracket. We’ve had people make their own.

People try doing it different ways.

We’ve had people use a T beam, which is half of an I beam essentially, where they attach it to the ceiling and have a piece of track on either side of that vertical part that hangs down.

In the stainless steel sliding door hardware, they actually have a ceiling mounted bracket that will hold two runs of track. That will allow you to bipass it also.

But really, we discourage it. Use box track instead.