Why Use A Sliding Door? Do Sliding Doors Save Space?

Typically, on a 3 foot door, you save about 15 square feet in your home.

It does save a lot of space by not swinging into the room.

When you figure out the radius and the square footage, it’s about 15 square feet.

A lot of times you don’t have that space.

If you’re in a hallway or something, it’s tight.

If it’s a bathroom off a hallway and you don’t have a lot of space inside, you don’t want that door swinging in towards the toilet or making it difficult.

Sliding doors help with people who are handicapped and in a wheelchair.

It’s a lot easier to slide a door than it is to swing a door toward you or away from you.

A lot of hospitals are going to sliding doors.

One, to save space, but two, they are a lot easier to open from a wheelchair.

They look better.

Some people have called our hardware “jewelry for my door”.

Now that flat screen TVs are everywhere, many people are using our hardware to slide an object, (art, tapestry, or a door) in front of the television.