How Does The Bottom Guide Work? Is There A Tripping Hazard?

We use a “Concealed Fin Guide”.

It’s a small “tee” fin that goes just outside the opening.

It’s only an inch and a half long and it sits just to the outside of your opening.

If you have a 2 inch overlap, then it’ll sit in that overlap.

You slot the door to accept that.

The channel is in the bottom of your door.

There’s going to be a spot, just outside the opening, so that no matter position the door is in, it’s going to be concealed by the door.

That’s where the fin would sit.

You don’t see it. It’s never exposed.

It’s not a tripping hazard and it doesn’t cross the opening.

It won’t go out into your opening at all.

It prevents the door from swinging, banging against the wall or swinging outward.

Closed or open, it stays in contact with the door at all times.

You don’t have to worry about seeing the guide.