Can I Lock A Sliding Door?

Yes, you can lock or latch a sliding door for your privacy or security.

There are some locking handles that put a pin in the floor.

What we normally use is a cane bolt. It is what it sounds like.

It’s like an old man’s cane that he walks with, but it’s scaled down a a little bit.

It’s mounted to the front of the door and it slides down into a receiver that’s mounted in the floor.

It’s not preferable, because you have to have a hole in your floor.

You can use a flush bolt, which is the same idea, but a little bit smaller.

If you can close your panel against something, like a jamb or a wall, you can use a pocket door latch, or something like that to actually lock and latch the door.

We have a handle, made by MWE, one of the companies that makes our stainless steel sliding door hardware, that actually starts at the bottom of the door and runs up about 4 feet.

It’s got a mechanism at the top of the handle that, that when you actuate it, it shots a pin into the floor.

That actually has a way to operate it from both sides.

It comes either with just a thumb latch or they can make it keyed so that you can lock it and secure it.

You have a big handle on the door.

It does stick out into the opening.

You can have the handle that locks on just one side, but then the lock won’t be operable from both sides.

If you need to be able to lock it from both sides, then you’ll have a handle on both sides and if that’s the case, then you’ll have to stop the door just before the handle hits the jamb, so the door will stick into the opening by 3 or 4 inches. Sliding Door

There’s are also what are called “slide locks”, which are mounted to the jamb and slide into the door to lock it in place.

It’s a bar. There’s a plate that’s mounted on the inside face of the door.

The bar slides into it and locks it in place.

They are mostly for privacy, for things like bathrooms and bedrooms.

Not really a keyed entry.

They can be accessible from both sides. It depends on the installation.

If your job calls for a lock or latch, give us a call so we can discuss your options.