What Do I Need To Know To Get The Kind Of Sliding Door Hardware I Want?

It mostly has to do with what you want to see and how much you want to spend.

We just need to know what sliding door hardware you’re looking for, how wide your door is, how thick your door is, if there’s any casing or baseboard around the opening.

If you know the weight of the door, that never hurts.

Typically, you only need to know the door width or the opening size, the configuration, if it’s one door, two doors, and the weight of the doors.

We’ll pick the right sliding door hardware, or we’ll give you your options.

You should know what the door weighs, but we can talk you through it by looking at the square footage and what the door is made of.

We can kind of tell enough to get you the right sliding door hardware.

Most of the time the sliding door hardware is over kill.

The lowest rated sliding door hardware will hold over 300 pounds, so it’s usually much higher than anybody needs.

You should look at the home page of the web site to see what the four basic types of sliding door hardware are available.

Pick which one you like best, then give us a call and we’ll walk you through the options.