Shut The Barn Door

People are looking for interesting new ways to define the spaces in their homes, while saving space.

We’ve talked to so many people who need a door for access between rooms, but want something different than a swinging door.

We understand the problem they are facing and have the solution.

It’s the same solution that Lancaster Online explains in a recent article, the trend on using sliding barn boors on the interior of houses.

A sliding door, or a barn door, seems to have become quite the hip interior design touch in the last few years.

They explain different options and price points, types and finishes.

It’s not a short article and it’s filled with good information.

Click the link below to read the entire article.

Jesse Pellman, a partner in LongView Structures of Manheim, says his company has gotten an increasing number of requests for the sliding interior doors over past few years.

Read the entire article at:–Shut-the-barn-door.html?page=all