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The SL.6005.KL Vario Telescoping Library Ladder is the best of both worlds. It is a library ladder system that can easily and quickly turn corners using pivoting wheels and a unique curved rail system. The SL.6005.KL Vario is also a telescoping library ladder that has extended, telescoping stringers that can be folded back in, allowing the SL.6005.KL Vario to store easily against a wall, shelving unit, or cabinet.

The SL.6005.KL is flexible and versatile in every sense.

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Model: SL.6005.KL
Combining the pivoting technology of the Vario with the telescoping library ladder head allows for maximum functionality.
Product Information:
10° Angle [90° inside Angles accommodated with 13 3/4″ radius curved rail]
Custom height] [specify center rail mounting height above finished floor for purchase]
Rated for up to 331 Lbs.
Akzent models (SL.6005.AK Vario Telescoping): 16 9/16″ wide
Klassik models: (SL.6005.KL Vario Telescoping): 16 15/16″ wide
Finishes available: Brushed 600 grit stainless steel, polished stainless steel, powder coated RAL colors, 24K gold plated
Variety of step options including, Rungs, Flat Stainless Steel or a Wood species.
Rolls on a 1″ diameter solid stainless steel rail, pre-drilled for mounting positions.
Made of V2A (304 grade) stainless steel 100% Made in Germany