Barn Door Kit

Barn Door Kit

The inside of a house can have many modern traits, like a black and white palette and geometrical pieces of furniture, but the rustic feel of wood will never fail to make any place feel more inviting.

In recent years, barn doors have made a comeback, becoming a highly requested addition to many homes, both for their aesthetic and functionality, adding an interesting element to the interior design. Yet, it is still not easy to find dependable supplier for barn doors, and there aren't that many outlets that offer this type of furniture.

Why should you get a barn door? Well, not only do they look better, but from an interior design standpoint, they are extremely versatile, and to help you better understand their applications, here are some answers to question you might have.

What is a barn door?

Barn doors are some of the most popular interior decor pieces. They are mechanisms that consist of a door, a track from which the door hangs, the rollers, a door guide, and if you would like, barn door handles and pulls to open and close the doors with ease. This set of pieces are assembled to create a sturdy, sliding door that looks good, slides easily, and doesn't move forward and backward, only to the left and right.

Why choose a barn door instead of a traditional door?

The main reason that barn doors are used is to save space by eliminating hinged doors in cramped rooms. It allows dividing spaces where visual isolation is required, which is true for public locations in the house. They are incredibly versatile and allow them to occupy less space, serve their purpose as an optional way for visual separation, and give an aesthetic look that fits modern and rustic interior designs.

Where should I install a barn door?

Barn doors are better placed in the more public spaces of the house. Since they divide the space without completely sealing away one area from the other from an acoustic standpoint, they are perfect for hallways, living rooms, home office, tv room, or other shared areas where visual separation is a must.

How do I choose the width dimensions for my door?

By measuring the door’s overlap and the opening, with a recommended 2-inch overlap and our carbon steel sliding barn door hardware kit for extra sturdiness for the mechanism. If in doubt, we are happy to guide you through the process.

How much does a barn door kit cost?

Our standard sliding door hardware kit begins at $299, but the cost varies depending on what style and finish you are looking for. We can guarantee the best sliding door hardware money can buy, with beautiful aesthetics and quality steel pieces.

How long does it take to ship?

At specialty doors, shipping takes between 5-7 business days, with the installation process taking up to four hours.

Where can I be guided through the process?

All our door kits come with assembly/installation instructions. But if instructions are missing, please call us at 866-815-8151. We are proud to help our clients to build their dream set up and provide them with unmatched quality with our products. 

If in doubt during the search of your kit, contact Specialty Doors and Hardware to discover our products and services: 1-866-815-8151


Barn Door Kit
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Barn Door Kit
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Barn Door Kit Barn Door Kit Barn Door Kit Barn Door Kit Barn Door Kit Barn Door Kit