Curved Sliding Door

Curved Sliding Door

Getting the appropriate door type for your entrances is an important task, you have to consider factors like

  • The shape of the entrance,
  • Location of  entrance in the building,
  • Door materials(Wood, UPVC, Metal), 
  • Aesthetic appearance, 
  • The purpose the door serves.

What are Sliding Doors?

What does the phrase sliding doors mean? Sliding doors are doors with a side fixed to a panel, while the doors slide on horizontal rails, moving to and fro, creating an opening. 

Sliding doors open sideways with their weight suspended on rollers attached to the crown of the door.

What are Curved Sliding Doors?

They are one of the numerous variations of what you call a sliding door. As the name implies, curved sliding doors are sliding doors with an arc at the top, mostly used to achieve a more sophisticated look than the regular sliding doors.

The curve can either be inward or outward, which can easily be incorporated into an architectural layout.

You can purchase a curved sliding door if you want to choose a spacious and welcoming door for your entrance.

Before you shop for curved sliding doors, you must have an idea of how they work, their complexities, and a sliding door hardware kit.

What are the Advantages of Curved Sliding Doors?

Getting curved sliding doors for your entrance is a good investment for your building. Some of their advantages include

  •  The aesthetic appearance: Curved sliding doors have a refined beauty and give your entrances a unique and an elegant look.
  • Space Management: Curved doors take up little space and can be incorporated into a small area of space.
  •  Integration in Curvatures: If you have a building with a curved side, you want to make an entrance, a curved sliding door can be easily integrated.
  • Suitable for emergencies: In cases of emergencies, an entrance with an opening and closing door may cause obstructions, 

curved sliding doors offer the luxury of the absence of any extra obstruction.

How to Maintain a Curved Sliding Door?

Curved sliding doors need to be properly cared for. Due to how sliding doors are installed, they tend to clog with dirt, especially the sliding tracks.

To prevent blockage and stiffness, much consideration should be given to maintaining your curved sliding doors. And regular scheduled cleaning should be established.

How Do You get Sliding Doors to Slide Easily?

  • Periodical cleaning of sliding tracks to remove dirt and other materials
  • Clean and lubricate fixed and moving parts
  • Inspection of  the door rollers

To maintain sliding doors, lubrication is compulsory. Rusting and stiffness are the common predicaments of doors. 

What is the Best Lubricant for Sliding Doors? 

Squeaking doors are a nightmare, so getting the best lubricants for your sliding doors is a must. 

Lubricants must have properties such as:

  • High viscosity Index
  • Silicone-based
  • Should be less-volatile
  • Thermal stability

Purchasing a suitable curved sliding door and the hardware requires some search to make the right decision.

A beautiful and practical door at the entrance of your home or establishment is not too much to ask for,  Specialty Doors and Hardware provide one of the best services in the industry since 1996.

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