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Marble Countertops Chicago

Marble Countertops Chicago

Marble is associated with beauty and luxury, whether for sculpting fabulous pieces, building breath-taking structures, or making countertops.

If you are thinking of using this material for your kitchen countertop, it is natural you will have some questions. In this post, we will address 6 of the most popular questions people in your position ask.

Is marble a good material for kitchen counters?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. The reason is that even though marble is an amazing stone material, it can be easily damaged.

As a result, interior designers do not recommend it for use in frequented zones like kitchen counters. Despite this, you can still go ahead and use it. However, be prepared to either commit a lot of effort and energy to ensuring it is not damaged, or live with the incessant scars it will otherwise pick up.

Which is the most expensive: marble, quartz, or granite?

There is no fixed price for Chicago countertop materials: quartz, marble, and granite. Instead, there are price ranges based on different factors including style, number of seams, and corners. However, because quartz has the highest average of them all, it can technically be considered the most expensive. Granite countertops in Chicago are the least most expensive of all three.

Can I clean my marble countertop with bleach?

Yes, you can clean your marble countertop with bleach, provided you can bear the cost. While bleach and similar agents will disinfect your countertop, they will also damage it. Marble is a porous stone material; this attribute makes it stain-prone. As a result, cleaning it with bleach, or any harsh cleaning agent for that matter, can damage and dull it.

What is the best way for cleaning marble countertops?

The best way to clean your marble countertop is to clean with gentle materials. This include using PH-balanced solutions and soft clothes. A lot of people find that ordinary hot water is enough to keep their treasured acquisition shining and sparkling clean.

If you want to disinfect it, simply sprinkle baking soda and then rub with a clean, soft, and damp cloth once a day.

Is it safe to place a hot pot or pan on a marble countertop?

Marble is a soft stone and it is easy to scorch, etch, and scratch. As a result, placing a hot utensil on it is not advisable. In fact, it is a guaranteed way to scratch, scorch, and crack it. However, if after buying the best counters in Chicago, IL, you want to damage it, then go ahead and place a scalding hot pot, pan, or utensil on it.

Will I have a hard time maintaining my marble countertop?

Marble is a high-maintenance material. So, there are two options to choose from when living with it: go the extra-mile to maintain it, or embrace its imperfections. There is no middle ground between them.

So, yes, you will have a hard time maintaining your marble countertop. You will have to ensure you don’t mistakenly cut something, spill acidic solutions, or place hot pots and pans on it, etc. If you want to be able to do this, get a quartz countertop instead. And even that can’t withstand much heat.

If you want to beautify your kitchen with a marble countertop, contact Sproverie’s custom counters on 630-543-3400. We have some of the best stone countertops for sale in Chicago, IL.

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Marble Countertops Chicago Marble Countertops Chicago Marble Countertops Chicago Marble Countertops Chicago Marble Countertops Chicago