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Mini Barn Door Hardware

Mini barn door hardware is the best way to create additional and organized space in your home. They are used to create partitions while adding an extra classy and vintage look to your home. They are very versatile in use and design; they can be used in cabinets, bathrooms, kitchens, closets, etc. 

Built with the best materials to deliver excellent quality and durability, our easy-to-install and use barn door tracks are sure to be enjoyably long-lasting.

Simple Installation Process

Before you start the installation process, there are certain things to note and measurements to be taken;

Door Measurement: You have to know the correct measurement of your door's width. You can take this by measuring from the edge of one side of the door all the way to the edge of the other side. 

Opening: You would also need to ensure the amount of opening space you have.

Wall Space: This is an important measurement to take. You have to know just how much wall space you have; this can help you determine the barn door hardware's size to shop for.

Your Sliding door hardware kit is sure to come with an installation guide that will make it easy, but generally, You can complete the installation process in six easy steps;

The Hanger: This is generally the first thing to do. You should mount them on your barn doors, each one close to the parallel corner. The guide will direct your placement measurements but be sure not to get too close to the door edges.

The Header Board: Most rustic barn doors are pre-drilled holes for installation, but older homes are likely not to have barn doors with studs that are appropriately positioned. This is why we recommend the use of a header board.

The Rail: Rails are tailored to fit different designs, so they vary. The guide will have instructions for each different measurement. 

Floor Guide: Your floor guide is to be attached to the jam edge of your door's closing side.

The door: Once your floor guide is in place, gently hang your door and slide it through.

Doorstops: place your barn door into the closed spot, then slide and tighten the door stoppers against it.

You are all set!

Here are five places in your home you can design with our Sliding Door Hardware Kit;

Bathroom: Installing a barn door in your bathroom is perfect for houses with small spaces because it takes very little space and adds the aesthetics of a swinging door.

Kitchen: Either for your pantry or kitchen cabinet, a barn door hardware always works.

Side tables: Go for a new, traditional and classy look with your side tables.

Room partition: Have a small space you need to maximize? Barn doors are your best bet.

Closets: Using a barn door for your closet can never go out of vogue.

Getting your barn doors are easy! Contact Specialty Doors and Hardware to discover our products and services: 1-866-815-8151.


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