Sliding Door Hardware

Sliding Door Hardware

Barn doors are trendy because they have a superior visual and functional impact in any room. No matter how great they are, the essential part of the door is the hardware. We break down what goes into the sliding door barn hardware and the options you have regarding function, design, and material for the best operations.

Structural features of a barn door

  • The track or rail is the horizontal metal piece that attaches to the wall holding the barn door.
  • The rollers are at the top of the door and allow the barn door to slide smoothly along the railing.
  • Rail spacers hold the rail from the wall and clear moldings.
  • The floor guide keeps the door from swinging and hitting the wall.
  • The handle to open the door.

It would help if you looked at our barn door hardware list for more specifications.

  Sliding door hardware terminologies


You should consider the door's weight, when choosing the kind of material you may want for the hardware. Steel is a standard go-to style because it offers the proper aesthetic flexibilities. Others go for aluminum, because of their versatile finishes, such as clear or mill finishes.


The types of wheels depending on the tracks on the door. Plastics have minimal or no maintenance requirements because they are smooth and straightforward. Some firms use a needle ball bearing because they suffice for the required task. It is worth asking Specialty Doors which wheels the best suit their sliding door hardware.


Connecting the door to the bracket works differently, such as using a complex concealed connector. Straps offer little room for adjustment and greatly influence the ease of how the door hangs. You want to ensure the connector fits the material and structure, so you have proper fastening and proper alignment of the door height and level.


Experts suggest examining the sliding door opening first, to determine how it will attach to the ceiling. Exquisite or experienced designers advise against using floor tracks because they are unattractive and pose a potential tripping hazard and falling.

Do not forget to look out for rustic designs with paint or powder coatings if you do not want to redo the job a couple of years later.

The above data should give you a shortlist of details you need to order the appropriate sliding door hardware before making an order. You do not have to endure the process alone because our sales and technical team can double-check your requirements to choose the best system for your case. We take you through the steps of ordering sliding door hardware online and answer all other inquiries necessary. Reach out at 1-866-815-8151 to discover the list of products and services that suit your needs.

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