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Stainless Steel Barn Door Hardware

When installing a barn door, the hardware you use matters. It’s advisable to get high-quality barn door hardware that can hold the weight of your door and has a long lifespan.

At Specialty Doors and Hardware, we have an extensive selection of hardware for barn doors for you to choose from. Our hardware is available in different designs, prices and has excellent features that make them great for installation in homes. We have stainless steel barn door hardware, which provides unmatched strength and durability. When installed properly, our hardware can ensure your barn door functions optimally for years to come.

Which are the Best Choices for Stainless Barn Door Hardware?

Design, budget, and appearance are some of the things you need to think about when looking for the best sliding door hardware kit.

While some barn door tracks and hangers can work well for rustic barn doors, they may not be suitable for glass ones. Some hardware is made to only support light doors, while others are more suitable for heavier loads.

One of our best sellers is Bella Stainless Hardware kit. It is simply beautiful, with wisper quiet movements.

Fortunately, you can find whatever type of hardware you need in our inventory. We have top of the line barn door handles, door guides, tracks, rollers, hangers, and stops. All these come in a kit with installation instructions.

These accessories are not just functional but are also perfect if you want to add an aesthetic appeal to your door. For instance, our stainless steel barn door pulls are available in various shapes and designs, allowing you to find one that matches your décor.

We have the Aurora stainless steel hardware kit if you need something with a lower price point yet elegant and functional. Like all other tracks we have, this one is customizable to fit any door. Our tracks are made from stainless steel, but the hangers are coated with nylon to prevent any noise when opening or closing the door.

The Tandum kit in our inventory has a double distinctive hanger in a Y-shape, enabling it to accommodate heavier doors compared to other kits. When searching for the ideal hardware, you’ll find that the design of the hanger influences the aesthetic appearance a lot.

Skyline, Clearstar, and Trimax hardware kits all have hanger designs that give them a sophisticated look. There's also the Starliner kit, which comes with a spiked roller to give it that space-age vibe.

Hardware for Glass Doors

If you’re installing a glass barn door, get hardware that's specifically made for glass. This is because such tracks and hangers can easily handle more weight than others made for lighter doors.

We have the Soma kit, which can support a sliding glass door weighing up to 198 pounds. For a higher weight limit of a maximum of 240 pounds, there’s the Skyline kit. And if you want to make a bold statement, the Clearstar kit with its large hanger can be a great buy.

Get the Right Kit for Your Door

Stainless steel barn door hardware is an investment that allows you to get the most functionality out of your door. At Specialty Doors and Hardware, we can help you pick the perfect kit for your installation needs. Contact Specialty Doors and Hardware to discover our products and services: 1-866-815-8151.

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