Can I Use Flat Track For Bi Passing Doors?

We really discourage it. It’s possible, but the results are usually not satisfactory. It’s not as safe as box track and flat track doesn’t really work right for bi-passing doors. It’s difficult to hang on the wall. It’s not made or designed to do bipassing, so you have to turn one set of rollers backwards.… Read more »

What Can Flat Track Be Used For?

Flat track is all about the design. It’s all about the look. Usually it’s for smaller doors. It’s a design thing more than a function thing. It just looks nicer. You want to do a sliding door, but you don’t want to hide it. You don’t want box track. You want some kind of design… Read more »

What Kind Of Fasteners Come With My Sliding Door Hardware?

For most of the sliding door hardware, you’re going to get two packages. The track comes in a long tube that generally just has the track in it. Then you’ll get a second box that has the sliding door hardware. It will have the rollers and the brackets and all that sliding door hardware in… Read more »

Which Type Of Sliding Door Hardware Is Cheaper?

Box track typically. It’s usually less money, even though it holds more weight. Flat track or any of the exposed ones are designed to be exposed. They’re designed to be seen. It’s more of a showcase thing, so it’s more expensive.

Large Acoustical Sliding Doors

Large acoustical sliding doors are sometime called “Stage Doors” or “Elephant Doors”. These are used when a swinging hinged door is not practical because of its size, but the sound needs to be controlled. We have sold these systems all over the world and continue to do regular quoting. It has become apparent that there… Read more »

Can I Use Glass For A Sliding Door?

Yes. There are a lot of options and some limitations to be aware of. Most of the sliding door hardware requires some type of bolt, which requires holes in the glass. We’ll supply a bolt that you can give to your grazier, so that they can put the holes in the right place. The hangers… Read more »