Specialty Doors on Set: Installations at Sony Studios and More

Specialty Doors is gaining a lot of experience and visibility in the commercial design world, and especially within the entertainment industry. From the installation of soundproof accordion doors at the Albuquerque Sound Stage to the big installation done at Sony Studios in Culver City, there are a growing number of locations where our doors are… Read more »

Give New Meaning to “Handy Christmas Gifts”

More than just Specialty Doors Everyone wants to find the perfect gift for their friends and family this time of the year; the trick is finding that blend of style and practicality. At Specialty Doors, we know nothing else! We have numerous models of doors, door handles, and door pulls for you to select from.… Read more »

Building your Recording Studio

  At the Entrance: A Swinging Acoustical Door When you are trying to achieve that perfect melody, the synchronous blend of sound that melds the instruments and voices together, you need to have every detail picked out perfectly. From the tuning of the guitars, to the pitch of the singing, everything must be just so,… Read more »

Soft Closing System for Sliding Doors

MWE Soft-Stop/Soft-Close mechanism. The damper catches the door in motion and gently brings it to a safe, full close. This is the Chronos hardware kit, made to handle glass and wood doors up to 450 lbs.

Soft close hardware kits, or self-closing barn door hardware, is one of the most essential components of your sliding doors. Available from manufacturers such as Leatherneck and MWE, semi-automatic self-closing hardware applies damping to the door movement. All it takes is a gentle push, and your door will be smoothly and gracefully set into a fully… Read more »

Shut The Barn Door

People are looking for interesting new ways to define the spaces in their homes, while saving space. We’ve talked to so many people who need a door for access between rooms, but want something different than a swinging door. We understand the problem they are facing and have the solution. It’s the same solution that… Read more »