Barn Door Hardware

The Real Original Barn Door Hardware Company

Specialty Doors & Hardware is the original source for all your sliding door hardware and barn door hardware. Since our formation in 1996, our goal has been to provide veteran design guidance, and quality material, so you can make your project perfect the first time.

Our Mission: To connect consumers with the right sliding door solution for your needs.

We were the TRUE original “barn door hardware” company. We were one of the first to introduce it to the mass market, and not only do we still have the widest selection of high-quality hardware, we still retain many of our original staff. Specialty Doors still remains your #1 choice thanks to experience and a wide selection—so don’t fall for copycats!

Our products—especially the barn door hardware kits—you won’t find in the “big-box” stores. Because cookie-cutter hardware could end up ruining all that hard work. Quality-over-quantity fits any professional design situation much better. So if you want your sliding barn door project to last, you’re in the right place!

You’ll find hardware made in the USA or Europe, and our scope covers closet doors to hangar doors.

Specialty Doors has earned the reputation as the company that can handle any hardware requirement that slides, folds, curves or stacks. Pretty much any door that saves space. Over 3 decades in business, our thousands of clients have included everyone from home designers, to proprietors of commercial spaces, to soundstages at Hollywood giants including Disney, Warner Bros., Universal, and more.

What Is Barn Door Hardware or Sliding Door Hardware?

Barn door hardware or sliding door hardware is the hottest way to open a door. Favored by architects and designers, barn door hardware features a steel track that runs the span of the doorway (above the opening) and two rollers that attach either to the top of the door (often called “top mount” barn door hardware) or to the face of the door using steel straps (called “face mount” or “strap mount” barn door hardware).

Barn Door Hardware

The terms “barn door hardware” and “sliding door hardware” actually encompass many categories of sliding doors: “Rolling Door Hardware,” “Heavy Duty Sliding Door Hardware,” “Industrial Sliding Doors,” and more. However, they all share the same sliding mechanism.

When Specialty Doors began, there wasn’t a singular, all-inclusive term to fit these categories. Hence, we christened our sliding door division: Barn Door Hardware. Everyone has since adopted this terminology, so the barn door description remains standard for all products in this division.

Barn doors can replace almost any swinging door. A typical 3 foot wide swing door can occupy up to 20 square feet of floor space. If you have 5 or more sliding doors instead of swing doors, you just added space for another room! Rolling barn door hardware is a popular choice for bathrooms, laundry rooms, and unique applications like cabinetry.

See this example below. Look the open space around the barn doors. Imagine how much of this space would otherwise be occupied by swinging doors:

A Real Client Installation | Barn Door Hardware from Two pairs of bi-parting barn doors in a room with a covered pool table.

You’ll find one of the largest, most diverse selections of sliding hardware anywhere online. Whether you want a ¼” rustic flat track system, or something with a more modern look, you can find it all here. From raw steel to stainless steel, simple rustic styles to designer sliding door hardware, Specialty Doors & Hardware has the right hardware for your job.

What Is the Best Barn Door Hardware?

The sliding barn door niche has become so popular that the market has flooded with cheap (sometimes dirt-cheap) alternatives. This is not to say that affordable AND quality doesn’t exist: it’s just a question of, how much are you willing to invest? A little extra goes a long way.

The best sliding barn door hardware kits are made by North American companies including Leatherneck Hardware & Emtek (two divisions of Assa Abloy), Krownlab, Richards Wilcox, Agave Ironworks, Maiden Steel, and the German artisans at MWE and ABP-Beyerle. With decades of industrial expertise, they all know what it takes to support doors light & heavy. Every kit, they make to do just that—smoothly, quietly, and for a lifetime.

Invest in a quality barn door hardware kit. You’ll carry that storied American or European pride & craftsmanship into your interior design, making your place something occupants will envy. Often-copied, these barn door kits are the ideal addition to any space. Unlike other low quality versions, the original quality steel kits hold up year after year, decade after decade.

Need help with your project? You’re in the right hands. One call to Specialty Doors gives you direct access to a team of hardware specialists and interior design veterans with 100+ combined years experience—for zero extra dollars. Ask a question, and they’ll provide you free interior design consulting. You won’t find that at the big-box stores. Did we mentuion it’s a service you’d otherwise pay for? Naturally, we pass the savings on to you.

Not only that; when you shop a small business, instead of a big-box store, you save money on the hardware alone, and avoid freight damage.

How to Choose Barn Door Hardware?

Barn door kits start with the style. There are many configurations; you’re likely to find one for your design preference.

Rustic / Flat Track Hardware:

The most popular one is the traditional rustic furniture look. Barn doors have their roots 100+ years back in farmhouses where they concealed hay & animal feed, and the log homes of the Appalachian Mountains.

Flat Track Barn Door Hardware

A flat track barn door looks rustic & rugged. It blends beautifully with other old-fashioned furniture. From steampunk, to contemporary, to eclectic, it works almost anywhere.

Flat track hardware has a flat steel track on top to engage the doors. The hangers come in many styles, and can have almost any finish. Flat Track Hardware is inexpensive to moderately priced, based on finish and style of trolley.

You can find hangers with unusual rustic shapes such as horseshoes, with a curved strap that attaches in two places, and spoked rollers. There are even flat track kits with a handmade hammered finish.

Whatever kind of old-fashioned rustic charm you’re looking for, from the classic matte-black to all sorts of funky colors, you CAN ask for (and receive) the flat track hardware to meet your needs.

Modern Barn Door Hardware or Stainless Steel Sliding Door Hardware:

Another style is modern looking – extremely smooth, clean lines, bright & clean finishes, sometimes with no visible tracks or hardware showing in the track. MWE, Emtek and Krownlab have beautifully adapted barn door functionality to various contemporary designs.

Modern Barn Door Hardware: Klassik by MWE and Baldur by Krownlab

Want ornate & industrial? Check. You prefer minimalist, low-key? Check. How about unleashing your inner ‘The Artiste’ and making your sliding door a fine brushstroke of contemporary design? You bet it’s a few clicks away.

Often imitated, these are the originals of modern sliding door hardware. Whatever your choice, contemporary styling and precision manufacturing methods are perfect for the executive office or the modern loft.

Modern Barn Door Hardware is moderate to high-end priced, depending on the manufacturer. MWE’s German-made custom barn door hardware kits are our most elite, and they look & feel like it—they move like a Swiss watch. The American Krownlab and Emtek give you tubular tracks with clean styles & low profiles at a more moderate investment.

Curved Door Hardware

Same as the standard flat track, except yes, the track is curved. Curved sliding door hardware has been used to hang display panels for art galleries, to hang computer monitors above desks in corners, or to move sliding doors out of the way in limited space.

Curved Barn Door Hardware

Curved hardware can be inexpensive to moderate to expensive, depending on the specific hardware, finish and application.

The next step is HOW you want to configure your barn doors:

Barn Door Track and Wheels

Barn Door Hardware is literally the hardware supporting a door slab. A barn door track kit’s 3 main components are:

  • barn door track
  • hangers
  • wheels

These are what make a door slide and save space. It lets you open up the space in your home by creating a passageway so there is more communication between rooms.

Depending on your openings, your style or intended usage, your barn door kit can be made differently:

Single Doors

Single Barn Door

A single barn door is supported by one track and one pair of barn door hangers and rollers. Single doors are best for narrow openings (less than 2 feet); the track naturally spans double the opening width.

Double Barn Door Hardware

Wider openings can demand hardware for double doors. Naturally, the track and slabs can vary in width.

Traditionally, double barn door hardware gives you these options:

Bypass Barn Door Hardware

By-passing Doors

Bypassing doors are a pair of doors that pass behind each other. Bypass barn door hardware is a double-track system: each door runs on a separate track and has its own pair of hangers & rollers (for a total of 4 hangers & rollers).

Bi-parting Barn Door Hardware

Bi-parting (Double) Doors

In a bi-parting barn door installation, a pair of doors rolls on a single track in front of the wall. Sometimes, in bi-parting doors, both doors are connected to open together.

Barn Door Hardware is a great door accessory to save space and create more communication between rooms in your home. Whether you have a single door, double doors or bi-parting barn door installation, the beauty of barn door hardware is that it’s easy to install.

Other Uses of Rolling Barn Door Hardware

In addition to interior door hardware, barn door kits can be configured for even more use cases:

  • Heavy-Duty Doors: Heavy doors must have the support of capable hardware that slides smoothly, effortlessly and durably. MWE and Leatherneck can make you a heavy-duty option that’s up to the task.
  • Exterior Barn Door Hardware: Want to add a sliding door to your exterior space? No problem. Specialty Doors’ wide inventory does have exterior barn door hardware, weather-rated for your climate. Let our customer support find you the right one to suit your style.
  • Mini or Cabinet Door Hardware: Cabinets & cupboards are great opportunities to eliminate swing radius. Think of your kitchen. You know how swinging cabinet doors get in your way all the time—right? Cabinet barn doors get OUT of your way, so you and your family finally get to focus on moving & organizing anything in side-by-side cabinets.
  • Box Track Hardware: Not a looking for barn door hardware? We also carry a complete line up of box track hardware that is easily concealed, providing a cleaner and sleeker look.
  • Frameless Glass Hardware: A type of modern barn door hardware, perfect for designs with an open look and feel. Frameless glass doors are as clean as you can get.
  • Commercial Sliding Door Hardware: Specialty Doors had its start in commercial doors. We’ve known from the start that high quality is not negotiable. We still serve sliding doors to big commercial applications, such as hangars, soundstages (Elephant Doors), large room divisions, and moving walls.
  • Bathroom Doors: A bathroom can be the most difficult room in your home to design, but with some careful planning you’ll have no problem creating an attractive space that will make life easier on yourself and those around you. Bathrooms are often overlooked when designing new homes or remodeling existing ones. But they’re one of the rooms where people spend more time than any other. So why not give them the sliding doors they deserve?

Light-duty, or heavy-duty, you’ll find pretty much any barn door hardware system in our product inventory. Even if you DON’T think we have it, our pros will locate it for you.

Sliding Door/Barn Door Handles and Pulls

The smooth operation of a barn-style door is nothing if it isn’t easy to move. That’s what handles and pulls are for. These are two different ways of pulling & pushing your door open & shut:

  • A handle is a fixed bar or grip that you can grab onto.
  • A pull is a knob, ring, or finger hole.

You’ve got many options for both handles and pulls, spanning all the styles from rustic to modern. They can be made out of a variety of materials, including wrought iron or stainless steel.

Custom Barn Door Hardware

Other than our “Ready-to-Ship” selection, all products at Specialty Doors are made to order. We receive your specifications, send them to the manufacturer, and they put all the human craftsmanship and skilled industrial expertise necessary to customize and build the PERFECT barn door hardware to your needs.

The shopping cart on isn’t the only way to specify your door. Got needs beyond what you can set here?

Need a custom hardware solution or assistance with a demanding job? No problem. You may have an indoor decoration idea, yet you struggle to bring it to life. Perhaps there’s a room needing space, and only an impossible door solution can clear up the clutter.

If you have custom door openings, or ANY unusual requests, call 1 (866) 815-8151 (US) or +1 310-648-7601 (international) to directly reach our design veterans.

No robots to fight; you’ll get friendly service & support from human voices. Ask them for ANYTHING you want, and they’ll match it. Our manufacturers can build anything you like. Go wild—ask for single bypass, triple bypass, what have you.

Our manufacturers have built all sorts of cool, interesting & beautiful barn door hardware sets for different applications. Check out these large-paneled doors from Chicago’s Goose Island Brewery (yes, they’re our client, and this is our hardware!):

Goose Island Brewery's 402 Barn Door Hardware from Specialty Doors. A large door slab with 6 rollers & hangers on a flat track.

Goose Island Brewery’s customized 402 Barn Door Hardware from Specialty Doors

Look at this picture, and you’ll notice 6 — yes, count ’em, six hangers & rollers. This became a reality for Goose Island, thanks to our experience handling custom orders, and Leatherneck’s manufacturing versatility.

From simple to complex, Specialty Doors has successfully provided bespoke kits for custom doors to thousands of clients. The only limit: your imagination. Make a custom request. Who knows what nice door you’ll get?

You’re just one call (or email) away from professional design & sales support. For quotes on large jobs, design help or purchasing advice, call 1 (866) 815-8151 (US) or +1 310-648-7601 (international).