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About Cabinet Barn Door Hardware

Having trouble with the cabinet door hardware (a.k.a. “mini” door hardware) is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when setting up or renovating a home. Even after finding a suitable option, installing it can prove to be tricky or even overwhelming with its bolts, hangers, etc. Not only do you want it to fit perfectly, but you also want the added aesthetic it offers to the entire outlook of the room.

How do you know where to buy the best cabinet barn door hardware? How do you come by the perfect fit for your cabinet, pantry, entertainment centers or what have you?

There are a few things that you need to understand when shopping for a cabinet flat track hardware kit. To start with, you must spare no expense for quality. Instead of choosing cheaper kits, invest a little more and you’ll get greater savings. Not only will the doors retain their smooth function for decades, but you’ll save money on repairs & maintenance.

Our flat-track cabinet & mini barn door hardware kits are made in the USA by Leatherneck Hardware, one of the best boutique hardware manufacturers in America today.

Here are answers to a few other common questions about cabinet barn doors

Selecting Cabinet Knobs and Pulls?

There are two important things that barn door tracks have; aesthetics and functionality. While both knobs and pulls perform similar roles, pulls are mostly used for drawers and knobs used for cabinets. Ultimately, your choice of which to use is based on the look and application you want to achieve. Plus, who said you couldn’t have a mix of both?

When you are remodeling or building anew, choose hardware last.

Traditional or Modern?

Depending on the kind of look you’re going for, you can decide on the type of barn door pull or barn door handle to match your cabinet hardware. Knobs are generally perceived to provide a more traditional feel than pulls. Of course, these rules are not set in stone, and they can be bent, modified, or even changed to achieve a particular taste.

How Much Clearance Do I Need?

A standard sliding cabinet door hardware kit requires about 5-7 inches clearance between the door to the top of the hardware you are using. Of course, some specifications vary based on the sizes, and adjustments can be made.

What Length Of Track Should I Order?

You should secure a barn door track that is at least three times longer than the width of your door. This is so that you can have enough access to your doorway. In the situation that you don’t have enough clearance, purchase a kit with the longest track. You will not have complete access to your doorway, but you’d be able to access some part of it.

How Do You Measure for a sliding Barn Door Tracks?

First off make sure you have enough space. It will ensure when the door is completely open, the track needs enough room for the door to slide out of the way completely.

Then take the doors opening dimensions and add 4-6 inches. In case you have any electrical outlets next to the opening, and they are in use, you want to make sure the doors will clear them.

Take your door width and double it adding 4-6 inches and there you have it. Your barn door track length.

Where Do I Fix Knobs/Pulls?

The fast rule of thumb to achieving the best look for your cabinet doors when it comes to attaching either a knob or a pull is to follow the instructions on the package and your specific application.

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