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Barn Door Lock

Interior design has the important job of making any space feel inviting by matching the general aesthetic of a complete unit via matching furniture and handling areas according to their purpose. In some public settings, a big room can be used for multiple purposes, but they need to be divided, making them feel cramped.

Barn doors are a great solution to isolate spaces while maintaining communication between them. They provide a visual boundary that can be removed and a small acoustic block between rooms.

Part of the charm of barn doors is that they are a barrier that can be removed by simply sliding the door, as they are meant to divide a room partially. Still, there may be a circumstance where you need that separation to remain to handle activities intended for that location without outside interruption.

We offer our sturdy barn door locks to solve this type of situation. These accessories give temporary privacy in any room with simple systems that keep people out if you wish. You can add this accessory to our sliding door hardware kit and install it with the whole mechanism.

At the moment, we offer two types of locks. Our barn door privacy latch is a single slide mechanism available in a black finish, ideal for wooden doors. It comes with a sliding latch that you must mount to the face of the door’s jamb, with the keeper mounted in the backside of your sliding door. This simple fastener prevents anyone from opening the door while the interior is occupied. This provides a simple lock system for doors that is as easy to fasten as it is to release.

The other type of lock you’ll find here is the barn door privacy lock. This lock for barn doors provides complete privacy whenever you need it:

Consider also buying soundproofing for barn doors, if you like quiet environments.

These elegant locks are perfect for homes and commercial spaces, and they are very easy to install as they don’t require a frame or soffit build-out. It consists of a tubular drive-in bolt installed inside the jamb and a dust-proof strike installed on the backside of the barn door. This design makes the locking mechanism much safer, but just in case, it has an emergency release feature that is installed on the backside of the barn door.

You can choose from several T-Turns available for jamb side installation for commercial applications. This feature permits locking and unlocking the bolt from the private side whenever deemed necessary.

They come in two types of backsets, as we aim to accommodate the lock to any wall. The 57mm lock is an optimal choice for up to 6.5 inches thick walls, and the 89mm backset is perfect for walls that measure 6.5 inches thick and up.

Also, to avoid clashing with your set up, the locks come in different finishes, such as satin and bright stainless, oil rubbed bronze, black, ceramic flat black, ceramic graphite black, ceramic white, and ceramic gray.

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