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Flat Track Hardware Bestsellers

Choosing the best exterior sliding barn door hardware could be challenging at times. Specialty Doors and Hardware will give you a variety of styles to match your taste and provide you with expert advice.  We have barn door hardware kits to fit your new barn door to make sure it operates properly and safely for years to come. Some of our best sellers and most trusted and true hardware are the 401 and 402 flat track hardware kits. They are a perfect match for exterior of classic barn and designed to handle heavy barn doors.

Heavy Duty Sliding Door Tracks and Rollers

A barn door installation is a great choice, because in limited space, they give greater clearance. Below you find a few tips to help you choose the best exterior door hardware kit for your project:

Consider the hardware operation and look

Whether your exterior doors are wood doors, glass doors, or something else, you need barn door hardware that is sturdy, easy to operate, and matches your space’s décor. Choose the hardware option to complement your exterior barn door finish; it should make it look better. Rustic Exterior Barn Door Hardware is an excellent choice to add finishing touch to your barn, shed or what have you.

Single vs. Double Doors

There are various configurations of sliding hardware, both single and double doors. Double doors are probably the most common barn door hardware style for exterior use. The classic option is available to make bi-parting doors, bypass doors, and more.

Specialty Doors and Hardware has excellent hardware style options for outdoor barn door tracks, handles, and pulls in different colors and finishes to complement other design elements in your space. Crafted by the Americans at Leatherneck Hardware, our exterior flat track hardware kit options allow your barn door’s smooth and safe operation, with ultra-smooth rollers and a weather-ready finish. You won’t have to worry about your door sticking or falling.

How to Choose Weatherproof Exterior Barn Door Hardware

Exactly what weatherproof exterior sliding barn door is best for you, it’s a challenge to find, so we’ll get you started with some basic design considerations:

Can barn doors be used outside?

Yes—with hardware for exterior use! Heavy-duty, rugged exterior barn door hardware is specifically for high-traffic environments. For exterior use, your barn door tracks need to be tough, and weather-resistant. To see what barn door hardware is outdoor rated, go to our Leatherneck or Agave hardware and browse every kit:

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Read product specifications, and if you need further help call 1-866-815-8151.

Don’t you want your hardware choices to stand the test of time? After all, exterior doors have heavier wood or glass door panels, and they’re subject to unpredictable weather conditions — because you could be anywhere in America or the world.

Can you add barn door hardware to any door?

Yes. In lieu of a traditional barn door slab, you can convert any weather-safe panel to be hung from the tracks & hangers of an exterior barn door kit. While others will tell you “you need special tracks and hangers,” that’s already taken care of for you, as Specialty Doors supplies plenty of that hardware at our outdoor division: see Outdoor Sliding Barn Door Hardware.

How do you build an outdoor sliding barn door?

In order to build an outdoor sliding door, you must pair your doors with the right kit. When choosing exterior hardware, always make sure it fits these parameters:

Heavy-Duty Hardware: When going exterior, always check the hanger door weight capacity. Different barn door hardware systems are different in strength. Got a door panel weighing hundreds of pounds? Do you want your track to clumsily collapse under that much weight? Us neither. Be smart, be sensible, and choose a Specialty Doors exterior barn door track that supports heavy doors.

Weather-Resistant: In rain, you don’t want rust on your barn door hangers and track. You don’t want a steel door frame that rusts. The material should be outdoor-rated, so you can be sure it’ll last decades under duress.

We stand behind every product we sell. If your outdoor projects demand an exterior sliding barn door that is durable, insulated, strong, and impact-resistant, you have come to the right place.

Exterior Hardware Kit Quality

When choosing your exterior sliding hardware, you should not compromise on the quality of barn door track, hangers and other barn door hardware accessories. If you go for cheap hardware, you end up paying more on replacement and repair in the future.

Got More Weight? Use Heavy Duty Exterior Sliding Door Hardware

Usually, exterior doors have greater weight than interior doors. Hence, exterior sliding doors are often also classified as heavy-duty, so they demand a heavier weight capacity.

A high-quality and heavy-duty barn door hardware outdoor system will ensure fewer maintenance & repair calls. Besides, you’re assured of durability once you install the hardware; thus, instead of unnecessary maintenance, you can focus your effort on improving other parts of your home.

Choose a low-maintenance finish

Well-built durable hardware saves you unnecessary additional cost in maintenance, as long-term exposure to weather and regular use could weaken your hardware.

Specialty Doors and Hardware hand-picks sliding barn door hardware outdoor kits that stand the test of time. They will bear the freezing winters, to the extreme heat of the summer, and every season in between. Our exterior sliding barn door hardware has a special coating that makes it immune to corrosion.

When you put more effort into your decision, and choose high-quality exterior sliding door hardware, it could turn out more cost-effective.

Focus on Security and Privacy

Can you add a lock to my sliding door? The answer is Yes! To protect and secure your space, your exterior sliding door needs some kind of lock. A hardware locking system (or barn door latch) dramatically increases security. Specialty Doors offers a unique lock mechanism that tightly secures the door panels. A must-have for your sliding doors, the exterior lock is available for all of our door hardware.

Match your hardware

Aim to match the appearance of the existing hardware pieces in your barn door. If there’s a mismatch in hardware finishes, it will stick out like a sore thumb.

To match the look you have (or are going for), you can choose from a wide range of sliding barn door hardware finishes.

Need Help Getting Exterior Sliding Barn Door Hardware? Contact Specialty Doors And Hardware

For further assistance in choosing the most appropriate sliding barn door hardware kit for your home, call 1-866-815-8151 now. You will get bespoke support directly from our in-house team of hardware veterans.

Whether you are looking for a traditional appearance or a more modern design, customer support will help you find the exterior hardware you need, so you get it right the first time. You’ll also get help with the essential accessories, such as tracks, handles, and pulls.