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Barn Door Hardware Stainless Steel

Customers often ask us for a barn-style door with an elegant, luxe modern appearance, and yet without breaking the bank. Inspired by our popular high-end German selections, this Stainless Steel Barn Door Hardware delivers in spades.

While you’ll find plenty of affordable barn door hardware, you won’t find quality sliding kits at big-box stores. Bargain-basement options aren’t durable enough to withstand prolonged use. By investing a little extra in quality kits, it’ll set you back less in the long run. You won’t need to make unnecessary repairs or replacements.

That’s why among these stainless steel hardware kits are the top-10 bestselling products of Specialty Doors’ selection. Manufactured by Pemko Hardware, the Aurora and Bella kits are specified by numerous customers for their combination of understated beauty, value-for-money, and sturdiness.

Specialty Doors offers free shipping in the Contiguous United States, and offers shipping quotes to Alaska, Hawaii, other countries and offshore territories.

Can you put stainless steel barn door hardware on any door?

Yes! You can install stainless steel barn door hardware just like any other door hardware. The only difference is that you need to drill holes into the wood first.

From low-profile to bold, you’ll find a stainless steel hardware kit to match just about any design preference.

While these stainless steel sliding door tracks are diverse in style, they’re uniform in appearance, making a perfect match to your barn door hardware system.

The next step is finding a barn door slab. Traditionally, a stainless steel barn door track from this category is paired with:

  • interior wood door systems or glass doors up to 176 lbs, 198 lbs or 240 lbs;
  • exterior doors up to 500 lbs, or
  • interior or exterior glass doors up to 600-800 lbs.

Based on the desired weight or style of door for your system, call our award-winning customer support at 1 (866) 815-8151 to directly reach an experienced interior design consultant. You’ll be recommended the appropriate barn door for your order.

Why don’t you have barn doors with stainless steel hardware?

Simple: you save money and avoid freight damage.

Although Specialty Doors used to carry barn doors, they are large, cumbersome expensive to ship, and can risk getting bumped and knocked about in transit.

Compare to the hardware, which has a much smaller footprint and is easier to transport safely.

Since our formation in 1996, we’ve believed it should be as easy, smooth and pain-free as possible to achieve your design vision as close to perfect as possible. That means: if it takes eliminating some steps, do it.

Our barn door hardware veterans, with 100+ years combined experience, have identified and eliminated unnecessary steps, just so you can get your project right the first time.

One of these unnecessary steps is shipped barn doors. It’s more affordable, safer and time-effective to buy them locally. When you call customer support, you will receive complementary guidance on ordering modern barn doors. Single doors, double doors, or what have you, you’ll avoid needless risk, and the savings will add up.

Can I use a steel barn door or metal barn door?

These barn door hardware stainless steel track kits are mostly used with wood doors or glass doors.

If you’re interested in a steel barn door or metal barn door, call 1 (866) 815-8151 to get help finding the appropriate kit and style for your project, style and price point.

Do you put hardware on both sides of a barn door?

You can easily and smoothly move and operate barn doors with a gentle push, regardless of door weight. That being said, some designers like to have barn door handles* on both sides. This can be problematic as a handle on a second side could hit the door frame and wall.

In these scenarios, it is recommended to install a handle on the free side, and a flush pull on the other — both of which are also available for purchase on this site.

*We recommend stainless steel barn door handles to match these kits.

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