Modern Barn Door Hardware

Modern Sliding Door Hardware

Modern barn door hardware (or modern sliding door hardware) has evolved to become truly elegant and beautiful. Here, you’ll find brands like MWE, KrownLab, Emtek, Richards Wilcox, and Maiden Steel: the true originals in elevating barn door hardware to a stunning piece of fine art in every aspect of look and function.

Often copied by cheap imitators, you’ll find the original modern hardware kits here made in Germany and the USA, machined and crafted to the highest standards and precision made in variety of finishes in stainless steel or carbon. They’re sturdy, safe, and an investment that will last a long, long time.

Modern barn door hardware is available in multiple configurations, including for wood doors, and frameless glass hardware.

About Modern Barn Door Hardware by Specialty Doors and Hardware

Stainless Steel Door Hardware is the most recommended upgrade for your barn doors. Adding modern door hardware to your home gives your room a sense of cleanliness and accentuates other pieces of furniture. And to add to your inquiring minds, you can even have stainless steel in matte, polished, bronze and other finishes. You could even have black modern barn door hardware from any of our manufacturers!

Modern Barn Door Hardware Black - Available from

Reasons to Choose Stainless Steel Modern Hardware for Barn Doors

Barn doors provide tremendous functionality to any space, but some people think their traditional, rustic vibe often clashes with modern design. This is not the case! Meet Stainless Sliding Barn Door Hardware, the perfect match for your modern taste. Pairing modern barn door hardware with a sleek and stylish sliding door slab can give your space a completely different vibe than a traditional sliding barn door.

An easy guide to modern barn door hardware

  1. Modern Home Design and Style
  2. Customized Hardware for a Personalized Look
  3. Beautiful and Clean Lines
  4. Simple and Convenient
  5. Smooth and Quiet Operation
  6. Elegant Designs
  7. Modern Looks
  8. Easy to Install

When it comes to achieving a modern look in your home, the littlest details go a long way. Each plays its own role in getting you that cohesive atmosphere you want and opting for barn door hardware can help! The best part, modern barn door hardware doesn’t leave any benefits behind; it still provides both function AND style.

Modern Barn Door Hardware: Why Should You Use It?

If you’re looking for sleek and modern style, then look no further. Installing new barn door hardware can give your space a newer look without the rustic old-fashioned feel that traditional metal bars would evoke. Modern barn door handles are easy to install on any kind of door in any room of your home. They also come in various styles so they’ll go with most design schemes desired by homeowners today!

1. Modern Home Design and Style

Modern interior design heavily relies on natural materials and a nature’s color palette. While many people still think that barn doors are more traditional, you can easily incorporate them into your modern space by opting for a stainless barn door hardware with all the various options available to make it work perfectly in any contemporary style home!

We offer a variety of mounting styles for your sliding door rollers, so you can easily find one that matches the look and feel of your home. We have top-mounting rollers or face mount with exposed bearings to make a statement in any room!

Express Yourself with MWE MiniMax Modern Sliding Door Hardware. You want this? You can have it at

2. Customized Hardware for a Personalized Look

Using trends like reclaimed wood, and neutral colors can sometimes result in spaces that are too similar to one another. However a recent trend in design is to add elements that will inject a little character into your space, and the idea of incorporating items like artwork isn’t going away anytime soon.

If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your living space with a new twist, think about installing some modern barn door hardware. Think clean lines. These doors are used in traditional or industrial settings and available as either an addition or completely stand-alone options depending on what looks suit you best! From the classic spokes of more traditional styles to exposed ball bearings and hubless bearing, there’s no shortage when it comes time for updating that old rustic interior design. The sky is the limit.

3. Modern Barn Door Hardware Stainless: Beautiful and Clean Lines

Anyone incorporating a modern design into their home understands how important clean, sleek lines are. Modern designs for barn door hardware have come along in recent years and allow you to achieve that desired aesthetic without compromising functionality.

Minimal, sleek door hangers are perfect for those who want to keep a clean and crisp line across the top of their barn door.

Face mounting rollers are great if you prefer design that recalls old-fashioned looks while staying in tune with modernity.

The clean, sleek lines of modern designs show the influence and need for simplicity in design. The intricate rustic styles found with traditional sliding barn door hardware are left behind, as people like you strive to simplify their lives.

Stainless modern barn door hardware is clean, and the best ones are made of high-quality materials:

Modern Barn Door Hardware Stainless - Perfect for Any Home or Space -

4. Simple and Convenient

The increasing trend of minimalism means more people want their spaces free from unnecessary clutter; they have been experimenting with different fixes such as replacing an interior double doors with a sliding door and functional hardware.

Instead, go the much easier way of choosing a barn door. It’s an efficient and effective way to add more character in your space. Traditional designs are often too ornate for minimalist spaces, so opt for modern sliding hardware that blends well with both practicality and beauty. Modern barn door hardware will work with doors of any type of material, from wood to glass, giving them the flexibility needed in any situation or design style.

Being so uncluttered and economical, barn doors with modern hardware are an underrated yet attractive way to make your home stand out. Sliding frosted glass shower doors in the bathroom, double-door room dividers, barn door closet dividers, and other inventive ideas can be a part of your décor now — our design team can give you some creative ideas for your project, and find the best door hardware product for your needs. These design consultations come at no extra cost, available on our toll-free line.

5. Smooth and Quiet Operation

With the growing popularity of sliding barn doors among homeowners, and the sheer number of options flooding the marketplace, it’s important to choose a hardware kit that will last. This includes buying one with nylon wheels and ensuring your door is designed without any obstructions for smooth gliding as you open or close it.

A soft close barn door hardware and bi-parting doors are the perfect way to make any space feel more modern, even before many of the other ancillary interior design additions. Not only does it provide a sense of openness in design, but also gives you an option for privacy when needed. This makes it ideal if you have rooms that need dividing without sacrificing visibility and freedom throughout your home or office floor plan!

6. High-Quality Designs

When you’re shopping for barn door hardware, there are a lot of decisions to make. Finding the right style that matches your door slab is the key; but not only does it need to match perfectly aesthetically – durability and quality must be considered as well. Modern options often come pre-made with all the features needed so installation will be hassle free. Why spend hours trying different styles when these days most companies can do custom orders?

Barn doors are a great way to add elegance and character into your home. They can be used for any type of entry, but if you want the hardware on an exterior door such as garage or barn entrance then it has to withstand weathering conditions including rain, snow, sun exposure etc., so make sure it is designed for outdoor use.

7. Modern Finishes

Metal is likely the most popular choice for modern barn door hardware. Its reflective surface beautifully complements any interior decorating style, from rustic and country chic all the way up to sleek and contemporary. Reflective metals like stainless steel are a perfect match for both traditional as well as more eclectic designs because they will fit in with practically anything!

Barn door hardware can be a great way to give your space some character and individuality. With so many options available, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect style for any modern aesthetic.

8. Easy Transformation

Sliding barn door hardware is a great way to add an updated look and feel to your space. Whether you’re working with new or existing doors, modern styles are the perfect complement to any space remodel.

In the past, most people would only use a traditional black wheel-and-spoke design to open and close their barn doors. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other options out there! Add stainless steel door hardware with hubless bearings, and you get your space look like million dollars without much effort.

If you’ve been longing to create a modern aesthetic in your space, look no further. These modern barn door hardware kits will provide the perfect solution for those who want an easy and quick way to add that desired flair! There are many styles of these kits available, but it is important to know which one suits your needs best before making any purchase decisions. Some types work with glass doors while others only work on wood or glass-paneled doors; be sure to read the specifications carefully when deciding what type would suit you best!

What is the Most Common Feature for Modern Barn Doors?

Modern barn doors are a great way to add some flair and style to any home. It’s important you pay attention for combination of doors, hardware and the way they all flow from one space to the next.  Go with clean straight edges over anything more ornate, and  to add to  fresh design it is always a good idea to use stainless steel as an option. It does give you a variety of finishes too.


Modern design is about simplicity and practicality. This is incorporated into the designs of modern barn door hardware — right down to the barn door locks. The design of each piece of hardware is based on clean, sleek lines with elements such as hidden wall mounts. Industrial elements, such as exposed bearings and rounded pipe-like tracks, are also incorporated into the designs of modern sliding barn door hardware.

Door Weight

Each of the different modern barn door hardware designs supports a different weight. Frameless glass hardware is designed to carry lighter doors. Meanwhile, aluminum hardware can handle heavier door slabs without any issues. When choosing your barn door hardware, pay attention to the weight capacity, and consider the weight of your door slab.


Modern barn door hardware or sliding door hardware has a totally different look than classic rustic barn door hardware. Many include sleek lines on face mount hangers. A carefully crafted industrial look is often given to circles if they are included in the design. Modern interior design is frequently associated with an industrial element, especially stainless steel.


There are various types of mounts for barn door hardware, allowing you to even better achieve your desired aesthetic. If you have a thicker door slab, it’s a good idea to use hardware with a top mount hanger. This will make it easier to keep a clean line at the top while working with thicker slabs.

Modern Barn Door Hardware: Klassik by MWE and Axel by Krownlab

Klassik by MWE and Axel by Krownlab

Sliding glass doors are best matched with glass mount hangers. These hangers are also often available in a face-mount design specifically for solid door slabs. While still looking modern and chic, these modern face mounts can add another layer of character to your décor.

Ceiling mount modern barn door hardware is another option, provided it can handle the weight of your door slab. These kits are made by Klein, and are mostly of the contemporary hidden sliding hardware variety. While it can be used with wood and metal doors, ceiling mount hardware is most often matched with frameless glass doors, which is why we call it “frameless glass hardware.”

Who makes modern stainless steel sliding barn door hardware?

Modern-style barn/sliding/rolling door hardware products are made by a variety of companies. The lower segment of the market is flooded by no-name brand products that look nice, but may not last long.

What Specialty Doors sells isn’t just stainless steel decorative sliding door hardware; it’s high-quality stainless steel hardware. Making a greater investment upfront will save you massively — especially in needless repairs, or worse, replacement. It’ll also feel nicer, work nicer, and who knows? It might even become a family heirloom.

The best stainless sliding barn door kits are made by the following companies:

MWE Stainless Steel Sliding Door Hardware

If you demand perfection, this is it. MWE is a German company that uses the cold precision of European industrialism to manufacture sliding door kits that are stunning works of fine art. German-made MWE sliding door hardware is a top selection in the high-end segment of Specialty Doors’ lineup.

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KrownLab Sliding Door Hardware

KrownLab barn door hardware provides a sleeker, more minimalist option for stainless steel hardware, but by no means any less in quality. An oversized, bold industrial-style roller (which is actually also a ball bearing) is a key design feature of these beautiful, versatile and highly customizable kits, which are made in the USA.

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Emtek Sliding Door Hardware

Another great American manufacturer, Emtek is a division of ASSA ABLOY that makes a wide variety of decorative door hardware. Emtek sliding door kits are a unique fusion of old & new: while they retain the flat-track farmhouse style of old barn door hardware, they are finished & machined with a gorgeous, crisp modern look, and are available in stainless steel, flat black steel, and oil-rubbed bronze finishes.

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Maiden Steel

Formerly known as Jasmine Hardware, Maiden Steel hardware systems are designed & made in San Diego, California. They give a modernist artistic spin on classic hardware. These are great for designers who want their space to pop out with an unconventional element.

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ABP-Beyerle Sliding Door Hardware

ABP-Beyerle is another best-in-class German manufacturer that offers great sliding door hardware. What’s unique about Beyerle? Their hardware comes in a wide range of dazzling colored finishes, letting you project your imagination & personality onto the doors you design — and into the minds of your patrons, clients or family members.

Runway by Beyerle - Modern Barn Door Hardware -

Modern Barn Door Hardware for Every Modern Home Style

What hardware’s right for you? It depends entirely on your design preferences, and the type of door slab you will be using. Glass doors, for example, require hardware designed for glass mounting. Meanwhile, if you prefer a contrast between industrial and natural materials, there are plenty of top mount and face mount hangers that perfectly suit that modern aesthetic.

Doors, of course, aren’t complete without their matching door handles. In addition to traditional rustic designs, Specialty Doors also helps you find a modern style door handle, knob or pull to match your door.

Buy Steel Barn Door Hardware and Modern Barn Door Hardware

Browse our selection for the style that’s best for your space, and use a modern barn door hardware kit to transform it. Your room is a canvas awaiting a beautiful barn door; when it comes to how you can add one, the sky’s the limit. We are confident that we can help you find the right design for your sliding barn door.

Better yet, contact us for free design consultations. A human will pick up your phone and answer your steel barn door hardware questions. Specialty Doors’ team has a combined 100+ years experience in barn door hardware and interior design. In 25+ years of business, we’re still the company to beat for customer service.

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