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About Leatherneck Hardware

Since the company first opened its doors over 40 years ago, Leatherneck Hardware of Danville, Illinois has been creating some of the highest quality specialty door hardware in the industry. From commercial spaces, industrial settings and residential style doors to aircraft hangar doors and more.

Did you know that some of the toughest parts for any of these applications come while the doors are opening or closing? Sliding barn door hardware is one of the most important parts. And especially for exterior or heavy industry usage.

Think… how many times a day do you open and lock your doors? Pay some respect to American craftsmen at Leatherneck Hardware, Inc.

Choose quality over price, support local made, like Leatherneck Hardware. Opt for items featuring heavy duty sliding door hardware, like the best selling 402 Flat Track Hardware.

Flat Track Hardware is a barn door hardware option that dates back to the turn of the 20th century. These days, people and professionals alike choose this unique and stylized look for interior or exterior applications in home where space can be saved at an entryway.

A Solution For All Your Leatherneck Hardware Needs

At Specialty Doors, we match constructors & interior designers with hard-to-find hardware (plus the accessories, such as pulls), and we make sure that all our clients have a smooth retail experience.

We listen and cater to all your demands—whether you need a custom style/size, or you’re happy with the sizes and styles available online.

Our sales team consists of veterans with a combined 100+ years experience in the interior design and hardware market. With this support, you are certain to get the best fit product for your project needs.


We make sure that all our products are of the finest quality and sensibly priced. This promotes higher customer satisfaction. More constructors and designers choose to directly contact us to shop for all their project hardware and doors, as we are a one-stop solution for the best specialty doors and hardware at fair & reasonable rates.

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Whether it’s a ready-to-ship kit, or custom-made, ordering the best hardware is just a click or call away. Get it from Specialty Doors & Hardware—the specialists in Leatherneck Hardware.

For direct support, call our toll-free line at 1-310-422-9689.