Accordion Doors

Accordion doors are a functional and stylish way to accomplish one of many design goals, from eliminating the swing of a door to partitioning a large room. We sell a range of accordion partitions from Woodfold, MobilFlex and Curtition — the best folding door manufacturers in America today. Whether you need:

  • a replacement accordion door for a laundry room
  • a divider for a class room
  • a security closure for a commercial space
  • a partition to insulate sound (or cancel noise)

…we have your folding accordion door.

This is Specialty Doors’ Accordion Doors division. You will find a complete selection of functional accordion doors, accordion gates, accordion folding doors, and more high quality, attractive specialty door solutions.

What Are Accordion Doors Used For?

Residential accordion room dividers conveniently divide living areas, while acoustic partitions provide sound reduction at a minimal cost. Whether you’re looking for decorative room divisions, partitions for sound control, or window security grilles and accordion gates for businesses, you’ll find it all here—North American-made products at a very reasonable rate, combined with friendly service you’ll love.

Woodfold Custom Accordion Doors

If you’re looking for attractive and modern folding doors, Woodfold accordion doors are ideal for you. The exclusive steel hardware hinge system of these doors provides durability and long-term performance and can be used in both residential and commercial capacities.

Over the past 50 years, Woodfold Manufacturing has grown into an an accordion door industry leader that provides some of the best selection, development and overall value on the market. For solid, accordion interior doors that stay in place while open and closed, look no further than Woodfold.

Every door is custom made at Woodfold’s workshop in Oregon to fit your opening and won’t interfere with the placement of furniture or walking clearances.

Accordion Closet Doors

Known as “America’s accordion door,” the Woodfold 140 accordion doors are popularly used as closet accordion doors for homes and apartments. These versatile doors are also used as room dividers and laundry doors.

Acoustical Accordion Partitions

Acoustical partitions are designed to provide optimum appearance, functionality and durability. Acoustical vinyl doors are used extensively in educational and healthcare facilities where visual and audio separation is of concern. In areas where noise is heavy, acoustical steel side folding doors can accommodate virtually any width opening, and when not in use can store virtually out of sight, allowing for full use of your building space.

Security Accordion Doors

Security accordion doors are the commercial doors that are used to secure a business after-hours. There are many different uses: having a see-through accordion door that secures the space while inviting passers-by to see what’s inside, or a rugged door that obscures everything from view and completely keeps away prying eyes.

Woodfold Security Accordion Doors

Woodfold security accordion doors are the Series 440, 540, 640 and 740, available in a choice of solid aluminum panels, perforated aluminum panels, and bronze, silver, gold, or even clear. Some even could have a mix of acrylic panels with the standard hardwood/laminate panels for a striking combo of privacy and looks.

Secure hotels, hospitals, mall storefronts, and storage areas with both elegance and toughness.

MobilFlex Accordion Doors

MobilFlex security accordion gates and doors are ideal for areas where people and spaces need to be separated by a simple, yet secure, screen system. These accordion doors are perfect for use in airport terminals, retail stores, malls, schools, and in store concessions. Additionally, MobilFlex grilles are easy to retract, built to discourage thieves and allow for an unobstructed view of your merchandise, even when in use.

Popular Accordion Door Opening Sizes