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Woodfold Accordion Doors

Accordion doors, especially Woodfold accordion doors, are popular choices with both homeowners and commercial outlets seeking to maximize space.

An accordion door allows you to partition rooms and close off closets and other spaces without having to build a wall or install swinging doors. It also saves space in homes and businesses. It eliminates the swing door radius (a 3 ft door occupying up to 20 square feet of floor space), folding up to only 1-2″ per foot. They’re also easy to use & effective: slide the folding door open, and in mere seconds, you’ll have almost-instant privacy! Some accordion doors are even great for soundproofing.

At Specialty Doors and Hardware’s Accordion Doors Division, we carry the full line of Woodfold Manufacturing’s accordion doors. One of the most respected brands of accordion door, they’re high-quality, functional, available in many finishes, and provide outstanding value for money — because they’re durable, and won’t set you back later in repairs and replacement. They’re also available in a variety of Vinyl-Lam and hardwood veneer finishes for stunning style.

Woodfold Distributors

You can’t buy accordion doors directly from Woodfold Manufacturing; you’d go to Woodfold distributors, and preferably award-winning distributors.

Woodfold accordion doors are all made to order, so when purchasing, you must carefully consider yout specifications. You want the end product to turn out exactly as envisioned.

Few Woodfold distributors are backed by 25+ years specialized experience in folding door hardware and interior design, let alone 100+ combined years experience.

When you order from Specialty Doors, that’s exactly what you get.

Make one phone call (or request an email quote), and our 4-time Best of Houzz award-winning design veterans will walk you through a complete customization procedure to ensure your Woodfold accordion door is manufactured to not just exact specs, but your exact vision.

You won’t find this design consulting & help at a big-box store. What’s more: at Specialty Doors, you don’t pay a penny extra for it. This step-by-step service is totally complementary.

Woodfold’s folding doors are available alongside our selection of folding acoustical doors, commercial security doors, and portable partitions, plus other accessories for your interior design needs.

Our Woodfold Accordion Doors

Woodfold doors, with their finely-finished panels, provide a variety of benefits for any size space. They can be used as dividers, security doors, soundproofing devices, and even temporary, moveable walls.

If you’re considering an accordion door, we can supply you with the appropriate hardware — and thanks to the best customer service, you’ll get your order right the first time. Here are some of the Woodfold doors we have in our inventory:

Wood Accordion Doors

Woodfold’s standard wood accordion doors, with panels made of your choice of Vinyl Laminate or hardwood veneers. These series suit everything, from the smallest closets, to large commercial spaces needing soundproofing:

The Woodfold 140 series is a residential accordion door, most often used as an accordion closet door. Woodfold 140 is available in a width of up to 8’0″ and a height of 8’1″. Ideal as a closet door or small room divider in homes and apartments.

The panels are 4¼” wide by ¼” thick and are available in hardwood veneer and vinyl-lam.

Woodfold’s doors are made in a wide range of panel colors. You can choose white, tan, chalk, black, natural oak, and mahogany. This makes it easy to find a door that matches your home’s décor. The panel connectors are made with flexible vinyl and are color-coordinated with the panels for a seamless look.

The track with this hardware is available in dark bronze, aluminum, gold, and clear finish. Our Woodfold 140 comes as a single door, excellent for closet installations.

The Woodfold 220 is the perfect room divider, simple & effective for partitioning and privacy. It has Lexan axles with nylon wheels for noiseless operation. The handle attached to the first panel is full-length sweptwing and matches colors with the panel connectors.

This door series is built to last and is suitable for both residential and commercial use. Its maximum height is 8’1″, and width 8’0”. Additional sizes, however, are available upon request; just call Specialty Doors and we’ll give you a quote.

Like most of Woodfold’s selection, the panels of the Series 220 come in vinyl-lam or hardwood veneer finishes.

The Series 240 is, by far, Woodfold’s most requested series. It’s foolproof hardware for division, built on Woodfold’s philosophy that “durability is NOT an option.”

Unlike the 140 and 220 series, Woodfold’s 240 series accordion door has a variety of options for locks and latches. You can even get it with curvable tracks. For vinyl-lam panel faces, you can get up to 12’1” in height. Doors in this series with hardwood faces are limited to a height of 10’1”.

This door is customizable to any width, making it versatile and suitable for larger rooms and spaces in offices, homes, institutional, and industrial settings. The Woodfold 240’s exclusive steel hardware is made to withstand high use, making your door a “smooth operator” — for a long, long time.

Want an accordion door with heavy-duty hardware? The 2100 series will be a great match for you. It’s an excellent investment when you want to divide large spaces such as classrooms, and add noise control to keep the space quiet.

This door is great for noise reduction, thanks to a sound gasket fitted in the interlocking jamb molding. It also has an acoustical sealed track, which also locks out sound and reduces heat loss between spaces. The 2100 series has a field sound transmission class (FSTC) rating of 21.

You can get a height of up to 10’1,” and 12’2″ for vinyl-lam panel faces for hardwoods. The width is customizable to your specifications. Going outside the standard range of sizes? Let us know, and we’ll quote you for custom dimensions.

The Woodfold 3300 is another series for large commercial spaces. It’s made for outstanding noise cancellation, with an FSTC rating of 33, and temperature regulation. All still at a sensible price point. And still made in America.

Recommended for places of worship, restaurants, hotel meeting rooms, and hospitals.

With dual-walled construction and heavy duty hardware, the Woodfold 3300 can be ordered for openings of widths up to 180″ and heights up to 144″. For custom dimensions, call us.

The Series 4100 is Woodfold’s top sound-rated acoustical accordion door. A redesigned version of the out-of-production Panelfold Sonicwal/66 and Sonicwal/88, it is the official replacement for Panelfold’s former acoustical partitions. It can even be retrofitted into existing Sonicwal installations.

Series 4100 doors have tested with an FSTC rating of 41, insulating sound in places such as meeting spaces, medical facilities, and religious institutions. Panels are available in 6″ or 8″ widths. The 4100 can be ordered online for widths up to 300″ and heights up to 144″.

Other Woodfold Doors: Woodfold Security Doors

For commercial and industrial purposes, Woodfold also offers Series 440, 540, 640 and 740. The 640 and 740 offer solid aluminum panels, while the 440 is a security door with heavy-duty acrylic panels, making them a rock-solid solution for industrial-grade security and protection.

Own or rent commercial real estate? Got a potential use for an accordion door in mind? We encourage you to be creative. Call Specialty Doors, and we’ll match the perfect Woodfold door to your needs.

Woodfold Door Finishes and Veneers

How can you decorate your space with Woodfold doors?

Woodfold offers three main categories of accordion door panel options: natural hardwoods, Vinyl-Lam woodgrains, and solid colors. Specialty Doors offers panel selection online, so in a few clicks, you can achieve the look you want.

Natural Hardwoods

Woodfold has a heritage in fine wood manufacturing. For a classic, sophisticated hardwood finish, Woodfold provides veneers of some of the most popular species: alder, birch, cherry, mahogany, maple, oak, and walnut.

Clear finish on wood is the default for the natural hardwood veneers. Custom finishes are also available on request.

Vinyl Laminate Finishes

For those who prefer vinyl laminate, Woodfold’s Vinyl-Lam finishes are a delight.

Vinyl-Lam woodgrain finishes realistically resemble the wood species they imitate, while providing all the modern advantages of vinyl laminates.

Want to eschew the classic wood look in favor of a more plain, modern design? No problem. Woodfold has that covered with Vinyl-Lam Solid Colors and paints. Make a statement with a clean, minimalistic door that saves space, and stands out.

Woodfold panels are “laminated to an engineered core to ensure excellent dimensional stability.”

Custom Finishes

Not satisfied with the range of finishes you see on-site? Woodfold lets you customize your finish to your heart’s desire. Contact Specialty Doors with your request. We’ll forward your instructions to Woodfold’s custom finish services, so they can produce your dream door to your exacting specifications.

  • Custom-stained finish
  • Custom-print mural (you could print pretty much artwork you want on the doors!)
  • A special finish with a custom texture
  • Additional colors & custom paints beyond the default color combinations

Woodfold Door Sizing and Installation

When in doubt about what size to order, consult this handy video from Woodfold: Measuring Custom Accordion Doors. By figuring out the right size for your space, you’ll get your project right the first time.

Specialty Doors carefully hand-picks hard-to-find doors that are sturdy and easy to install, without floor tracks. Once your Woodfold door is shipped to you, with the complete installation instructions in hand, you’ll find installation a breeze, and with everything in place, you’ll marvel at how much it enhances the functionality of your rooms — so much so, you’ll think to yourself: “how did I not find these earlier?”

Second to None Wood Accordion Doors

Are you searching for a door that folds or slides? Perhaps a temporary partition or divider for your space? One you can close & open easily, effortlessly, at any time? We are your one-stop-shop for Woodfold accordion doors, roll-up doors, security doors and acoustical folding doors, with a wide selection satisfying different needs and budgets. Measure your space, and order to exact dimensions.

Best of all, we know our Woodfold products inside and out. Our company has 25+ years experience in the industry, and our customer support has a combined 100+ years experience in hardware and interior design. Call us, and you’ll get service that’s like an interior design consultant at your side. You won’t find that at a big-box store, and with that, you won’t have to look elsewhere for a Woodfold accordion door — at all.

Contact Specialty Doors and Hardware to discover the full Woodfold product selection: 1-310-422-9689.

Popular Accordion Door Opening Sizes

Wood Accordion Door


Accordion Doors - Woodfold Accordion Doors - Hufcor Accordion Doors

Hufcor Accordion Doors

Hufcor Design 3100 and 4100 Accordion Partition leadtime, 8-10 weeks (for multiple door orders please contact Customer Service).

Shipments to commercial addresses, including drop shipping to your required destination.

Partition Hanging Weights: 3100: 2.7lb per sq ft, 4100: 4.3lb per sq ft

See separate Woodfold Hufcor ‘Designer Collection’ bulletin of contemporary vinyl finishes.

Accordion Doors - Acoustic Accordion Doors

Acoustic Accordion Doors

Accordion Doors - Acoustic Accordion Doors - Curtition Acoustic

Curtition Acoustic

Curtition’s vinyl accordion folding doors, operable walls, movable partitions and room dividers are designed to provide optimum appearance, function, durability and economy.

One of Specialty Doors’ top 5 bestselling products, Curtition vinyl folding doors are specified by architects and contractors worldwide for schools, religious institutions, convention centers and more. In short, any multi-functional facilities in need of a flexible and effective space management partition.

Curtition acoustical vinyl room dividers and operable walls are a quick, economical way to divide a meeting or teaching space. We offer a variety of models designed to meet the sight and acoustical needs of virtually any job. And you can add many options to make your accordion wall a perfect match to your your environment.


Accordion doors are a functional and stylish way to accomplish one of many design goals, from eliminating the swing of a door to partitioning a large room. We sell a range of accordion partitions from Woodfold, MobilFlex and Curtition — the best folding door manufacturers in America today. Whether you need:

  • a replacement accordion door for a laundry room
  • a divider for a class room
  • a security closure for a commercial space
  • a partition to insulate sound (or cancel noise)

…we have your folding accordion door.

This is Specialty Doors’ Accordion Doors division. You will find a complete selection of functional interior accordion doors, soundproof accordion doors, accordion folding doors, and more high quality, attractive specialty door solutions.

What Are Accordion Doors Used For?

Residential accordion room dividers conveniently divide living areas, while acoustic partitions provide sound reduction at a minimal cost. Whether you’re looking for decorative room divisions, partitions for sound control, or window security grilles and accordion gates for businesses, you’ll find it all here—North American-made products at a very reasonable rate, combined with friendly service you’ll love.

1. Woodfold Custom Accordion Doors

If you’re looking for attractive and modern folding doors, Woodfold accordion doors are ideal for you. The exclusive steel hardware hinge system of these doors provides durability and long-term performance and can be used in both residential and commercial capacities.

Over the past 50 years, Woodfold Manufacturing has grown into an accordion door industry leader that provides some of the best selection, development and overall value on the market. For solid, accordion interior doors that stay in place while open and closed, look no further than one of the greatest American brands — Woodfold.

Every door is custom made at Woodfold’s workshop in Oregon to fit your opening and won’t interfere with the placement of furniture or walking clearances.

2. Accordion Door Finishes & Colors

At Specialty Doors, you will find interior accordion doors in virtually any style you want to suit the most modern tastes. Ask for it, and you shall receive.

Here are some examples of popular finishes:

Natural Hardwood Veneers

  • Alder
  • Birch
  • Cherry
  • Mahogany
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Walnut

Vinyl Laminate Wood Grains

  • Birch
  • Maple
  • Natural Oak
  • Light Oak
  • Dark Oak
  • Cherry
  • Teak
  • Mahogany
  • Walnut

Solid Color Vinyl Laminates

  • White
  • Black
  • Tan
  • Gray
  • Chalk
  • Tahiti
  • Rattan
  • Amethyst


  • Clear
  • Bronze

Aluminum Panels

  • Solid Silver
  • Perforated Silver
  • Solid Gold
  • Perforated Gold
  • Solid Bronze
  • Perforated Bronze

3. Accordion Closet Doors vs. Bifold Doors

Known as “America’s accordion door,” the Woodfold 140 accordion doors are popularly used as closet accordion doors for homes and apartments. These versatile doors are also used as room dividers and laundry doors.

The Woodfold 140 is finished on one side. This makes it an economical, low-footprint replacement for those clunky traditional bi-fold doors you find in your conventional laundry room.

For starters, your typical laundry or bathroom bi-fold door occupies about 1 foot of space when open. That may seem more spacious than a swinging door — but annoyingly, a bifold door gets in the way!

Your new accordion door’s multifold design saves significant space. They don’t occupy space around the opening.

Instead, because Woodfold’s accordion door panels are a mere 4 1/4″ in width and 1/4″ thick, you reclaim that much-needed space.

This also means the Woodfold 140 accordion doors stack down to a mere 1 1/4″ per foot of opening width. If your laundry room is located in a mixed-use area such as a bathroom, by-passers can safely walk by while you do your laundry.

Smooth, non-marking nylon wheels save you from unnecessary scraping, and Woodfold’s exclusive steel pin hinge system — adapted from their commercial doors, and backed by over a half-century of American craftsmanship — ensures your door folds smoothly and confidently for decades.

Over the decades, Specialty Doors customers have also specified the Woodfold 140 for bedrooms, bathrooms, college dorms, hospitals, retirement homes, and other close-quarter areas. They can be customized to match the room with your choice of Woodfold’s PVC laminates, woodgrains, or (upon request) a custom decorative laminate from any major brand name.

Another one of our bestsellers, the Woodfold 220, provides the same benefits except with a double-sided finish, ideal for residential spaces such as galley kitchens and room partitions where the opening is viewed from both sides.

Hand-made in the USA to your specs, you can sleep well knowing you invested your time & energy into the longest-lasting accordion door — for a very reasonable investment. Just don’t use them as a shower door; in that case, you’ll want to opt for our sliding shower door hardware, matched with a glass door panel.

4. Acoustical Accordion Partitions

Acoustical partitions are designed to provide optimum appearance, functionality and durability. Acoustical vinyl doors are used extensively in educational and healthcare facilities where visual and audio separation is of concern. In areas where noise is heavy, acoustical steel side folding doors can accommodate virtually any width opening, and when not in use can store virtually out of sight, allowing for full use of your building space.

Woodfold and MobilFlex by Kwik-Wall offer soundproof accordion doors for an easy and efficient way to insulate any degree of noise — from soft, to medium, to loud.

Woodfold’s 4100 is their highest-level acoustical partition and the official replacement for the (now-defunct) Panelfold Sonicwal 66 and 88, carrying on its predecessor’s reputation with a Field Sound Transmission Class (FSTC) of 41. Heavy-duty damped MDF panels (available in 6″ or 8″ widths) and good looks give you the sonic confidentiality — the beautiful sound of near silence — in demanding commercial areas.

5. Security Accordion Doors

Security accordion doors are the commercial doors that are used to secure a business after-hours. There are many different uses: having a see-through accordion door that secures the space while inviting passers-by to see what’s inside, or a rugged door that obscures everything from view and completely keeps away prying eyes.

Woodfold Security Accordion Doors

Woodfold security accordion doors are the Series 440, 540, 640 and 740. They are available in a choice of solid aluminum panels, perforated aluminum panels, and bronze, silver, gold, or even clear. Some even could have a mix of acrylic panels with the standard hardwood/laminate panels for a striking combo of privacy and looks.

Secure hotels, hospitals, mall storefronts, and storage areas with both elegance and toughness.

MobilFlex Accordion Doors

MobilFlex security accordion gates and doors are ideal for areas where people and spaces need to be separated by a simple, yet secure, screen system. These accordion doors are perfect for use in airport terminals, retail stores, malls, schools, and in store concessions. Additionally, MobilFlex grilles are easy to retract, built to discourage thieves and allow for an unobstructed view of your merchandise, even when in use.

Popular Accordion Door Opening Sizes

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