Woodfold 4100 Acoustical Accordion Door

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 4100 Series Acoustical Accordion Doors

  • Panels: 6” or 8″ wide by ½” thick medium density fiberboard with
    routed edge for vinyl hinging.
  • Hinge assembly: 16 gauge steel, pantograph action for dualwall door assembly.
  • Panel Connectors: Flexible vinyl, color-coordinated to panel
    selection, inserted and attached into routed edges.
  • Track: 2” x 1-1/4” aluminum, pre-punched for screw
    fasteners for surface mounting.
  • Sound Seal: Dual-wall door with internal acoustic material,
    flexible vinyl sweep strips mounted on top and bottom of the
    door. Wood molding mounted on both sides of track
    forming a wide sweep surface.
  • Acoustical liner: Applied to inside faces of both walls.
  • Wheels: Nylon-tired steel ball bearing wheels; 4 wheeled carriers on
    each volute and at lead post.
  • Lead Posts: Extruded aluminum, 3-7/16” x 4-7/8” cross-section,
    with jamb molding. color-coordinated to panel connectors.
  • Jamb Molding:2-1/8” wide by 15/16” deep aluminum.
  • Handles: Metal
  • Latch: : Deadlatch with thumbturn two-sides. Keylock options available.
  • Width: Crafted to any width.
  • Height: Vinyl-Laminate up to 12’.
  • Stack Width: 14-½” for 6″ wide panels, 18-1/2″ for 8″ wide panels.

Field Sound Transmission Class: FSTC41
The dual-walled Series 4188 Acoustical Partition has a field sound transmission class (FSTC) rating of 41. Field tests were performed by Acoustical Engineer Inc. of Eugene, Oregon following the procedures
specified in ASTM Test Designation:E336-96


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Series 4100:

Redefining the class

For higher sound control in meeting spaces, medical facilities, or religious institutions, this series takes sound attenuation to our highest level. High quality, with an FSTC of 41, the 4100 series doors feature a perimeter seal, acoustic lining, and heavy-duty hardware. Available in two panel widths: 4166 is the dual 6” panel, and the 4188 incorporates the same pantograph geometry for ease of use with a larger 8” panel. Five contemporary vinyl laminate finishes are available.