Flat Track Hardware

Flat Track Barn Door Hardware by Leatherneck, Emtek and Agave Ironworks

Some people consider their home to be a sanctuary. A place where they can escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

And what better way to do so than by opening up your doors and welcoming in the fresh air with a new set of flat track barn door hardware? Designed specifically for use on interior doors, these pieces are perfect for creating an atmosphere that is inviting, comfortable and relaxing. So why not get started today?

The Best Rustic Sliding Door Hardware

In recent years, the sliding doors from farmhouses have seen a resurgence in popularity, particularly for interior spaces that are decorated in a rustic or industrial style. These rustic doors are supported by what’s called flat track hardware. This type of classic door hardware is designed with horizontal hanging tracks that allow the doors to be opened and closed without any obstruction getting in the way – perfect for making use of every inch of space. This is in contrast to normal swinging doors, which can get in the way of other items.

Barn doors were first developed to provide an easy-to-use and cost effective way of concealing hay and animal feed which would otherwise need to be stacked on the floor. In modern installations, barn doors are often used in hallways or rooms that need to accommodate an influx of guests, whilst also ensuring privacy at the same time.

Sometimes, designers simply use barn doors and their hardware as a piece of rustic furniture. Barn doors are most cost-effective, however, when used both as rustic furniture and for their original intended use: to save space.

Should I Go Cheap with My Barn Door?

Flat track hardware is available in a range of designs, from the simple to the ornate. Naturally, its popularity has yielded a range of discount options from big-box stores. But when you save too much money, you tend to end up with a product that won’t last long. Eventually, bargain-basement construction needs repairs.

With 25+ years experience in the industry, Specialty Doors carries only the hard-to-find flat track barn door hardware that’s built to last, and easy to install. They’re faithful to the original farmhouse design, while quality-built in the USA and Europe to retain their form and function for many years. You won’t find that at a big-box store, now would you?

North American manufacturers including Leatherneck Hardware, Agave Ironworks, and door accessory specialists Emtek (Assa Abloy) are pioneering companies in the world of premium flat track sets, and they remain so. Each company crafts their flat track hardware so that the doors can open and close smoothly, easily and quietly. They’re beautiful pieces that you would have a hard time ever finding anywhere else–and they’re all here at your disposal.

Flat tracks and their components are traditionally made of steel. In addition to the standard black finish, the above manufacturers make tracks and hangers in a variety of dazzling finishes, such as Raw Steel, Brushed Steel, Clearcoat Steel, Painted Bronze, Antique Bronze, Brushed Stainless Steel, Mill Stainless Steel, New Penny and Machined Copper.

Do barn doors need a bottom track?

While flat track barn door hardware generally is top-hanging, for safety reasons, a bottom track is highly recommended. This is because the doors can get pretty heavy if they contain glass, or if you add a lot of hardware. The bottom track will provide extra support and security to the door.

How do I keep my barn door from jumping off the track?

Our selection has already taken care of that for you! The flat track hardware sets come with anti-jump blocks that are mounted on the door on the flat track side. This ensures your sliding door stays on the track, no matter how it’s operated.

If you want to add anti-jump blocks to your existing tracks, that can easily be done too. In fact, adding anti-jump blocks is a great way to spruce up older tracks.

How about flat track hardware with soft close?

Smooth-gliding, ultra-quiet operation is the greatest benefit of our flat track hardware sets. But look deeper and you may find a video where our founder Tom Gross says: “it’s their greatest strength, but also their weakness.”

When in motion, frictionless doors on their own bounce from side to side. In some cases that might be fine. But if you want a door that stays put as it’s opened and closed, Soft Close is the best solution.

The Soft Close System is a sliding barn door hardware damper that catches a door in motion to keep it from bouncing and slamming against a wall. Its damping action slowly and gracefully moves the door into a fully closed or open position. This is true no matter how fast the door is moving, or no matter the type of door (bypass, bi-parting or single).

Soft-closing sliding barn doors are the perfect way to protect your walls from paint scratches, plaster cracks and other damage caused by an over-enthusiastic barn door. Best of all, it creates a safety net for friends & family: a door in motion is less likely to hit a by-stander!

Watch Tom show you why it’s dangerous to overlook soft-close (or “Close-Ease” as Leatherneck calls it):

What kind of flat track hardware should I get for my sliding doors?

The action (travel) you want to achieve will determine how much hardware you need. It’s not like a regular door where you know how far the door will open – those are fixed size doors and their hardware has to be sized accordingly.

What does “travel” mean in barn door terms?

For sliding barn doors on the track, travel refers to the distance the door can slide before latching or unlocking. If you want to open a door 4′ wide, but get it only 2′ away from the wall, then that’s a 2′ travel.

Make Your Sliding Barn Door Hardware

While you can make your own hardware from scratch, DIY sliding barn door hardware can be time-consuming, and possibly not worth it, especially without experience. That’s where our selection helps. However, you may not know where to start. But you don’t have to not know, do you?

When you shop Specialty Doors, you don’t have to “not know where to start.” Here, you don’t just research and buy hardware kits—you can get help designing your doors, too! One phone call, and you get design & measurement consulting at no extra cost. The end result: you have the great pride of getting your project right the first time.

When you receive both durable hardware (matched to your exact demands), and the world-class design help you need, it’s a match made in heaven. You can rely on Specialty Doors to help you find the perfect flat-track door hardware for your space.

Get help creating a beautiful, functional space with custom hardware for your barn doors. Call 1 (866) 815-8151 (Mon-Fri 6am-4pm PST), or choose between made-to-order and turn-key ready-to-ship flat track sets.