Curved Pocket Door

Pocket doors have been around for centuries, with homeowners using them as early as during the Victorian era. While they’re not new, that doesn’t mean they won’t add a touch of elegance to your house. Modern pocket doors come in a variety of designs, making them more interesting than they were nearly two hundred years ago.

curved pocket door design is one of the most spectacular types found in modern homes. You can fit one seamlessly into a curved wall to achieve a look not possible with other door types.  At Specialty Doors and Hardware, we deal in hardware kits for installing sliding doors. We also have accessories such as guides, locks, and latches, which are essential for the proper functioning of doors.

FAQs About Curved Pocket Doors

If you’re thinking about buying a top of the line curved door, here are the answers to some of the most asked questions to help you along:

Are Pocket Doors Out of Style?

Pocket doors are versatile and can fit any décor, whether modern or traditional. Hence, they never go out of style. Curved pocket doors are a prime example of how these doors have evolved with time and adapted to various architectural needs.

Also, since they have a functional aspect where they save space, creating a wider and rather welcoming environment, they continue to be useful in many households. For instance, a pocket door is suitable if you have a small bathroom or closet compared to a hinged door that would take up too much space when opened. 

How Do You Fix a Warped Pocket Door?

Warping is a common problem with pocket doors. It makes the door uneven, which might affect its ability to slide in and out of the frame in the wall.

To fix a warping problem, remove the door from the track and lay it down with the warped part facing upwards. Next, place a heavy item on the warped section and leave it. The weight of the object will push the door back to its original state and get rid of the warping.

Can a Pocket Door Be a Fire Door?

Yes, a pocket door can be a fire door. However, not all pocket doors are suitable as fire doors. For a fireproof system, shop for those that have been fire rated.

Fire-rated pocket doors have features such as intumescent seals, which cover gaps in case of a fire. This enables them to block the spread of fire and smoke, something that would be impossible with a regular pocket door that has gaps at the top, bottom, or in the wall frame.

How Can I Maintain My Pocket Door?

Lubricate your door’s rolling system once or twice a year to ensure it keeps sliding effortlessly. Otherwise, leaving the moving parts unlubricated can lead to friction when sliding the door and undesirable increased noise level.

Specialty Door Experts at Your Service

If you need a sliding door hardware kit, you can find one in our large inventory. With our kits, you can install your curved pocket door and enjoy its functionality and elegance. Contact Specialty Doors and Hardware to discover our products and services: 1-424-282-0525.

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