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Why MWE Hardware?

No plot, apartment, factory, or any other place is complete without a door — and MWE barn door hardware, the true German-made original in modern hardware, is one of the most elegant choices.

Doors not only provide security, but complete the space and divide rooms. Doors come in many styles and types, from old-fashioned, to clean and elegant, as well as industrial and luxurious. Specialty Doors, a supplier of MWE hardware, have been dealing in this business for more than 2 decades.

Run by hardware specialists who know their products in and out, and who provide one-on-one advice to customers, Specialty Doors is the company that pioneered the barn door hardware industry. Their experience and knowledge have led them to be known as the industry leaders.

Often imitated, MWE’s stainless steel hardware is still first in its class. It’s not only got the looks, but the precision construction to match. When people talk about “jewelry for their doors,” this is what they mean.

Now, the question is, why German-made steel door hardware from MWE?

5 Benefits of Stainless Door Hardware From MWE

1) EASY TO USE: MWE hardware comes in a variety of choices, most of which are meant to be tough, precise and easy to operate. Even on the most rugged hardware for heavy-duty doors, a gentle touch is all that’s needed to safely open & close. MWE uses a precision damped Soft-Close mechanism that gently catches a door in motion and brings it to a closed or open position.

2) SECURITY: Intruders usually enter your space through the door. Compared to other types of doors, steel is better at impeding break-ins. Steel barn door tracks hold the steel door with firmness. While it’s one thing for a door (and its associated hardware) to have good looks, Specialty Doors provides you door hardware that has the sturdiness and quality to match, MWE being the originators of this quality.

3) DURABLE: In addition to being resilient, stainless steel doors have a longer life. They maintain their look and function for the longest time. Their shine does not dull for a long time. It’s worth the investment, as it’s low-maintenance, saving you needless repair and replacement costs you’d otherwise expect in the future. And for exterior use, no matter the weather, we’ll find you barn door handles and hardware that won’t rust anytime soon.

4) HYGIENIC: Stainless steel is hygienic. It is non-porous, and sainless steel door hardware from MWE is resistant to harmful bacteria, making it preferable over other materials. Steel doors can also be safely disinfected without affecting the look or function.

5) BEAUTY: Many people worry about whether steel doors clash with their design preferences. If you care about making your space as beautiful and luxurious as possible, there’s no need to worry: Specialty Doors customer service will help you find the matching door and hardware. Barn door hardware has evolved to become truly elegant.

MWE has come up with unbelievable designs that are among the most popular in Specialty Doors’ line of products. Their kits, especially the striking Chronos, Duplex and Terra, are known to enhance the spaces they’re installed in. All MWE products are made in Germany, with the ultimate in quality control and industrial precision.

Why are you still waiting? Get door hardware that’s low-maintenance, smooth, quiet and safe. Contact Specialty Doors and Hardware at 1-866-815-8151 to get help with your order – our in-house customer service is like having an interior design specialist at your side. You’ll save money, so you can re-invest in the right hardware.

Allow a lead time of 3-4 weeks on all MWE orders.