Elephant Doors

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Elephant Doors Acoustical Test Video

This video’s sound was not edited. This is the actual sound as it was recorded:

After completing the installation of an “elephant door”, which measured 18′ wide by 20′ high, the owner of the studio requested actual acoustical documentation of his door on site.

Huge speakers were used to concentrate “pink noise” which sounded similar to a jet engine.

The test was conducted on June 20, 2013. The results were better than expected.

On the studio side, the NIC, Noise Isolation Coefficient, was 50.

That’s about the same as an 8″ brick wall. (Higher numbers are better.)

On the warehouse side, it was just over 47 NIC because of nearby traffic noise.

Acoustical data is available upon request.

This system was electrically operated, using 53 STC, Sound Transmission Class, steel panels. The panel thickness was 3.5 inches.

The entire system used double acoustical seals around the full perimeter of the movable element.

This system has been used by many Hollywood studios, including Disney, Warner Bros., Paramount, Skywalker Ranch, Universal Studios and more, as well as the world’s largest sound stage in New Mexico.

A typical size is 20′ X 20′, however we have completed some systems as tall as 40′.