Is All Your Sliding Door Hardware Custom Made?

Yes. It’s designed per opening. I’m going to get you the right length of track for your opening. When someone calls, what they usually do is tells us what size the door is, or the opening, and we provide a custom kit for them.

What is the difference between box track and flat track?

Box track is a U shape and the rollers roll inside of the track. It’s like pocket door sliding door hardware or closet door sliding door hardware. Flat track sliding door hardware is where the roller sits on top of the track. The track is literally just a quarter inch thick piece of flat bar… Read more »

What Can Box Track Be Used For?

Box track can be used for bi passing, bi parting, folding. Pretty much any type of application, you can use Box track with it. It’s not exposed. You see the box, but you don’t see the roller on the track. It’s very versatile. We have box track that will handle huge amounts of weight, 5000… Read more »