What Finishes Are Available For Sliding Door Hardware?

The stainless steel sliding door hardware mostly just comes brushed. We can get the MWE sliding door hardware polished, so it’s a shinier finished, where the brushed is more of a matte finish. The MWE can get plated different colors, so we have a dark bronze or a copper.

Can I Install It Myself, DIY Style, Or Do I Need A Contractor?

It depends on how handy you are. It doesn’t always require a contractor. If you’re handy, it’s usually possible to do. It also depends on what sliding door hardware your choosing. They do come with installation instructions. If you’ve ever installed a door before, or if you have built the shed that’s out back or… Read more »

How Well Do Sliding Doors Stop Sound?

It depends on the application and what the door is made out of. If you want to block as much sound as possible, you need to use a solid core door. A solid door is going to block more sound than a hollow one. If you really want to block as much sound as possible,… Read more »