Give New Meaning to “Handy Christmas Gifts”

More than just Specialty Doors

Everyone wants to find the perfect gift for their friends and family this time of the year; the trick is finding that blend of style and practicality. At Specialty Doors, we know nothing else! We have numerous models of doors, door handles, and door pulls for you to select from. Everything from the sleek stiletto handles and door pulls, to old fashioned door latches and bow levers. These handles make for a great gift, adding a touch of elegance to a home.

High tech and low tech handles

To say our collection is varied is an understatement. On the high end we have an innovative code system handle, armed with a digit personal code. And on the opposite side of the spectrum we have functional and simple-looking levers, handles, and pulls. To browse the entirely of our selection, visit our website: Specialty Doors & Hardware.