Shut The Barn Door

People are looking for interesting new ways to define the spaces in their homes, while saving space. We’ve talked to so many people who need a door for access between rooms, but want something different than a swinging door. We understand the problem they are facing and have the solution. It’s the same solution that… Read more »

Can I Lock A Sliding Door?

Yes, you can lock or latch a sliding door for your privacy or security. There are some locking handles that put a pin in the floor. What we normally use is a cane bolt. It is what it sounds like. It’s like an old man’s cane that he walks with, but it’s scaled down a… Read more »

Why Use A Sliding Door? Do Sliding Doors Save Space?

Typically, on a 3 foot door, you save about 15 square feet in your home. It does save a lot of space by not swinging into the room. When you figure out the radius and the square footage, it’s about 15 square feet. A lot of times you don’t have that space. If you’re in… Read more »

Why Buy From Specialty Doors?

This kind of product isn’t something that you just order and have shipped to you. It’s usually custom made. You want to make sure that you get the right sliding door hardware for your application. You want somebody who’s going to be there and that you can ask questions of. You want someone whose going… Read more »