The “S” Factor: Specialty Doors, Superior Service, and Staying Ahead of the Curve

Specialty Doors has always been committed to providing top-rate service to our customers. In fact, the custom doors and sliding door hardware that we sell are a product of our desire to serve clients with unique needs for doors and the related hardware. We are always looking for ways to stand out above the competition and that always starts with superior service and unique, high-quality solutions for every single customer.

Library ladder hardware, sliding door hardware, and other specialty hardware and accessories are easy to find when you choose to work with the team at Specialty Doors. We know all about doors and hardware, library ladders, accordion doors, elephant doors, and everything in between. We’re experts and want to help our clients become familiar with the industry, as well. We aren’t just here to sell doors. We’re here to serve people who have unique design needs and want a high-end look that is unlike anything else.

Specialty doors knows that customer service means that in addition to providing the best sliding door hardware and accessories, we need to focus on helping clients get what they want. All of our products can be custom made-to-order, allowing every single product that we sell to fit into the design theme of any space.

We serve residential and commercial customers alike, providing specialty door solutions and library ladder hardware to contractors, architects, homeowners, designers, and even to movie studios and sound stages around the country. Sliding door hardware and custom doors are great for sound studios and movie studios alike, offering features like acoustics and soundproofing, custom sizing for big projects like the studio elephant door, and more.

At Specialty Doors, we know that our business goes beyond custom doors and sliding door hardware. We have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that we can provide every customer with the perfect door solutions, no matter what they have in mind. When you are investing in high-end products like custom doors and hardware, service is what makes all the difference and that is precisely how we stay ahead of the curve in this industry.