Heavy Duty Barn Door Hardware

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Only heavy duty barn door hardware can stand up to the outside elements – interior barn door hardware is not made to the same standards of quality. Your outdoor project requires the best door hardware available from Specialty Doors & Hardware. You’ll find an excellent collection of barn door hardware and hardware kits in stock.

For a beginner, selecting the best barn door hardware can be mind-boggling and at some point becomes even frustrating. While Buying barn door hardware and its related accessories, you might come across lengths and equipment that look completely alien to you.

Get familiar with the terminology of heavy duty barn door hardware to know how you can pick the best barn door hardware and most importantly, the brands you can trust.

What Makes A Best Barn Door Hardware

  1. The body must be completely metallic. The use of plastic must be kept minimum.
  2. A precise fit that covers your door width completely.
  3. The color must complement the other hardware.
  4. You must be sure about its reliability and durability
  5. Must be in your price range.
  6. Be very precise in choosing the width and the weight.

What To Look For?

A little variation to the top-hung sliding door has presented us with the barn door hardware. The best of these are rustic barn doors designed to give a traditional European look. The following features of a barn door regulate its functionality:

  • Must support a minimum of 250 pounds.
  • It must roll in and roll out smoothly quietly. A good pair of ball bearings ensure this.
  • Must be easy to mount into wall studs. The screws must be included in the package.

Consider Your Privacy

Barn doors are only private enough if installed correctly and appropriate material is used. Rule of thumb: the thicker the door the more private it is. Then choose the right material. Solid wood is much more soundproof when compared to the hollow-core door. An added layer of privacy would be to make the door overlap with the wall. 2 inches of overlapping is best for ensuring privacy.

Choose The Correct Metal for your Classic Barn Door Hardware

There are many options to choose from for the correct type of metal. If you go out shopping you will mostly come across aluminum kits and they are a great addition. Look perhaps for anodized aluminum.

A much better option is steel. Steel goes great in settings where strength matters but the user wants it to look worn out. But, of course, steel cannot withstand corrosive environments. In such an atmosphere galvanized steel is much more preferential.

To increase the lifetime of barn door handles or barn door pulls, the best option is to use powder-coating. Powder-coating increases the durability of the barn door handles and prepares them for the roughest of environments.

Another great add-on is a soft closing system. A Soft Stop is a soft closing system designed specifically to reduce the noise.

Secondly, it prevents the door from slamming into the wall. A soft-stop catches the door and gently eases it to a final stop.

Always Choose The Correct Brand

The market is crammed with barn door hardware sellers. But it is next to impossible to be sure about the quality. So always consider the most reliable brands. The best, affordable, and reliable brands in the show include Leatherneck Hardware, Emtek, MWE, and KrownLab.

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