Modern Barn Door Hardware

Modern barn door hardware has evolved to become truly elegant and beautiful. Here, you’ll find brands like MWE, KrownLab, Emtek, and Jasmine, the true originals in elevating barn door hardware to a stunning piece of fine art — in every aspect of look and function.

Often copied by cheap imitators, you’ll find the original modern hardware kits here — made in Germany and the USA, machined and crafted to exacting specifications. They’re precise, sturdy, safe, and an investment that will last a long, long time.

Modern barn door hardware is available in multiple configurations, including for wood doors, and frameless glass hardware.

As the original barn door hardware retailer, since 1996, we know these brands & their features like the back of our hand. Need help? Have questions? Please call (866) 815-8151 or email us.