AD Systems Barn Doors

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AD Systems Doors (formerly Aurora Doors) are the first packaged, acoustical sliding door system available today. The applications are endless with the most popular being home theaters, clinics, home offices, and commercial spaces. The AD Systems Door is perfect for hospitals and clinics. The Aurora Office Front system will keep your business meetings private.

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The AD Systems Barn Door is a sliding door designed to meet the requirements of medical clinics, hospitals, and corporate office settings where saving space and maximum acoustic isolation is wanted.

It saves space, compared to a swinging door,

With the optional acoustical seals on all 4 sides of the door, using patent pending acoustic mitigation , protects the privacy of anything being discussed inside.

These doors are top hung and don’t have an exposed bottom track.

Each door uses a heavy duty roller system for a smooth, quiet operation.

Using soft close options, they won’t pinch fingers while they close quietly.

The door jambs wrap around the wall installation, so they look finished and are more durable. These doors can be customized to meet your requirements.

AD Systems Officefront

The AD Systems Officefront system uses sliding door functionality in an interior store front or office front.

AD Systems Officefront can be configured in a wide range of layouts, including solid infill panels, side lites, 90 degree returns, transoms, and other options.

The system features profile dimensions that coordinate with sliding or swinging doors.

Privacy can be crucial in financial institutions, HR offices, healthcare facilities and other office environments.

With AD Systems Doors, you can have maximum acoustic isolation without sacrificing aesthetics.

The noise isolation stops ambient noise leakage from one area of an office to another to keep things focused and help with work flow.

The aluminum frame is easy to clean and protects the surrounding walls, giving you a sharp appearance that is easy to maintain.