Screenflex Standard Room Divider

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Screenflex Standard Room Divider is our most popular portable room partition. It is the perfect accordion-style room divider for schools, churches, corporations, and government agencies. The Screenflex Standard Room Divider allows you to almost instantly divide a space for any occasion. This portable room divider also has earned a .65 NRC noise reduction and E84 certified fire safety.

Available in a wide range of fabric choices and colors (see chart below). Email for quote or call (866) 815-8151. Free shipping on all orders.

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  • 3/4-inch closed cell honeycomb core
  • Two layers of sound-absorbing fiberglass insulation
  • Durable steel end frame creates sturdy room dividers
  • Self-leveling caster wheels provide added stability to your room separators
  • Longer lengths created with our Multi-Unit Connector
  • Ships fast in Continental U.S.

Made in the USA from 76% recycle materials. Features sound absorbing panels to reduce noise by up to 55%, tackle panels that can be used like a bulletin board, self-level casters, a stable support base and ScreenFlex’s patented Stablized Support Base, full-length hinges, locking corner casters, secure storage latch, and position control hinges.

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