Barn Door Track System

Barn Door Track System

Barn door tracks are a beautiful way of adding style to an otherwise plain entryway. They can work in the place of an interior hinged door and allow you to swing a door in both directions. It is in your best interest to familiarize yourself with the system's components and optional accessories.

Components of the barn door track system

Most door track systems should work on both interior and exterior barn door systems. Barn door tracks are available as track sets so you can get everything you need quickly and easily. The sliding door hardware kit is standard as a sliding door, distinct and stylish. The barn door has its location at the front of the opening and slide to the right or left in its most simple form. The key features of a barn door system include the following:

  • Support for the door’s weight
  • Smooth gliding along with the bearing balls
  • Quiet operations of opening and closing
  • Extra support for double doors
  • Steady mounting into the wall studs, with adequate screws

Barn door tracks

Kits have different materials depending on the functionality and panels you want on the door. You may need specific hardware to give the door certain functions or operations. The many barn door system tracks' many options include bi-parting, standard, and bypassing. You also have to be specific in choosing barn door hardware because there are several different kinds, including the following:

  • Ceiling mount
  • Cabinet door
  • Low clearance barn door
  • Tube track
  • J track
  • Box track
  • Flat track
  • I-Beam trolley barn door hardware
  • Accessories like the barn door handles and barn door pull

Do rustic barn doors need a bottom track?

Most doors do not need a bottom track because they use a single door guide to keep the door straight. 

Measure for the barn door track system

Suitable barn door tracks should be both fashionable and functional, with ample space in the home. The following topics should be adequate in comparing different barn door track systems.


While this measurement seems oddly normal, the barn door hardware system is not standard. Make sure you get at least double the opening's width and that the barn door track length has sufficient room to slide in and out of the way in the room. Ensure the banked wall space is compatible with the best door track measurement.

Interior door height

It is necessary to know where to mount the track to find the best solution for your barn door track system. The safest bet is to double-check that the interior door height will fit into the chosen designs' sliding door hardware. A good rule of thumb with the barn door track system is to place the sliding door a couple of inches over the opening. The bottom should sit at least one inch away from the floor, so the door glides smoothly without swaying or swinging.

Do you feel ready enough to get the barn door track system? We are always here to help you choose the best one for a smooth finish and operation. Get in touch (1-866-815-8151) for further clarification.


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Barn Door Track System Barn Door Track System Barn Door Track System Barn Door Track System Barn Door Track System Barn Door Track System