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Modern Barn Door Hardware

Barn doors used to be strictly for farm-house aesthetic and country-style decor. As the years have gone by, they've evolved into classy acquisitions with different styles and design variations.

In fact, barn doors have evolved to match any conceivable modern style, from industrial and artistic to clean and minimal. All this, while retaining the same basic function of a traditional sliding door.

Companies such as MWE, KrownLab, Emtek, Beyerle, Richards Wilcox and more have led the way in the area of " modern barn door hardware." Not only does their hardware look great -- they have the function to boot.

Assembled with clinical precision, uncompromising quality, durability, and smooth, dead-silent operation, the original door hardware from these brands is available right here at Specialty Doors & Hardware.

Beware of cheap imitations at big-box stores: they have the looks, but to cut costs, they're not built to last, and they don't have the smoothness and precision assembly. You'll only find that functionality when you invest more upfront -- right here. And why invest less if you later put in the labor to repair it?

Shop with care, and your purchase of modern barn door hardware will truly make a statement in your interior space. It'll impress anyone who sees and uses it. They'll marvel at the fluid, frictionless movement. And the doors will stay that way for a very, very long time.

Why Should You Choose Barn Door Hardware Over Your Conventional Door? 

Firstly, to save space! Compared to swinging doors, where the swing radius can occupy up to 20 square feet of floor space, a modern barn door completely frees up that space. You sure don't want a door to use up so much space when your cabinets, shelves, and furniture are yet to take their rightful places. 

If you're in a small apartment, and you feel cramped with all the doors opening & closing, you'll feel relieved when you replace them with sliding doors.

In any environment, barn-style doors doon't just give you space; they give you a refreshing feel with more "room to breathe." This is one of the many things that make barn doors yet another must-have for your home.

Specialty Doors specifically offers barn door hardware kits that are easy to install. You can either do it yourself, or hire a professional, and it still won't take as much time, stress, and cost as installing a conventional doorway.

For an extra security of usage, look for smooth, easy-moving hardware. An example is the German-made sliding door hardware by MWE. With its European sophistication, the doors are easy to move, they close smoothly & securely, and kids can operate them with much less effort.

There's an ease of movement on the barn door tracks and are sometimes usually made for easy utility by kids. 

For both children and adults to have a firm grip of the door while pushing or pulling, you would usualy choose barn door pulls and handles. Barn door handles also come in varying designs, just like the doors and tracks. However, the barn door handles simply need a light touch when your door hardware is effectively engineered for easy movement.

What's more? It's not just about what you buy, it's about who you buy from. Specialty Doors understands the premium barn door brands better than anyone. Contact us, and you'll connect directly to a door specialist. This is important, because all of our products -- being unavailable at big-box stores -- are made-to-order. You can style and customize modern barn door hardware to your taste and personality.

Make an inquiry to Specialty Doors' customer support. When you're ordering an MWE, Emtek, KrownLab, Beyerle or Richards Wilcox kit, our experienced veterans will help you get your order right the first time. You'll save on shipping, save the heartaches of repair, and make a unique statement that will leave everyone in awe.

Sliding barn door hardware can be stylish, classy, contemporary, colorful, rustic, or minimalist. The question is, how do you want it?

  1. Rustic barn doors

Rustic barn doors are made from rustic wood and are a suitable option for minimalist spaces. They bring a feeling of warmth and simplicity into your room. 

  1. Contemporary barn doors

If you enjoy luxury, contemporary barn doors -- especially paired with well-made stainless steel hardware -- help to adorn your space with a touch of class and luxe.

  1. Modern Classic Barn Doors

These barn doors are elegant and classic. When most people think of the "original" style of barn doors, these are what come to mind.

  1. Frosted glass barn doors

Frosted glass lets natural light shine through rooms. It's also great when installed in a place with a beautiful outdoor view. However, it conceals what's on the other end of the door. It allows just enough light in and provides a great view on a sunny or rainy day.

  1. Barn doors as art

Who said doors are just to be opened and closed? How about using them to beautify your room? That's exactly what MWE and KrownLab do. Their precision hardware, combined with modernized doors, is a form of three-dimensional wall art that breathes life into your space.

Check out the clean minimalism of the KrownLab line, made in the USA. From the entry-level Axel to the supreme, ultra-sleek Baldur, all KrownLab hardware kits are bound to stop bystanders dead in their tracks from the first split-second of a glimpse. They exude artistry and cleanliness with a minimal, low profile, and are the ultimate choice for any modernist.

German-made hardware from MWE, especially the striking Chronos, impart a similar sense of artistry with industrial expression. Their complex designs are complemented with a Soft-Close feature that gives confidence of operation, and reduces hazards by ensuring the door is gently and fully closed or open.

When it comes to the doors, we suggest you shop locally. You'll save money and avoid freight damage.

With all these options, how do you decide what's right for you? The best answer is to get help from the pros. Contact Specialty Doors and Hardware for support: 1-866-815-8151.

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