600lb. Sliding Door Hardware Kit


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600lb. Box track hardware kit includes: Top track, wall brackets, top mount hangers, adjustable track stops, guide channel and bottom guide.

Track is galvanized steel. Suitable for door thickness 1-3/4″ to 2-1/4″

Overhead/Soffit mount option, additional hanger styles and additional bottom guide styles available. To customize, or to get help with your hardware questions, call 1 (866) 815-8151 or email us.

Heavy Duty Box-Track Sliding Barn Door Hardware

If you’re looking for something functional but not too flashy, then this might be just right for you. With its rustic exterior, the Exterior Galvanized sliding barn door hardware kit borrows our classic hardware’s simple design, with a rugged finish that will stand up against the harshest conditions.

Heavy Duty Sliding Door Track Hardware

The 600lb Heavy Duty Box Rail Sliding Hardware is rated at 600lb weight capacity. Box barn door track rails are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use – they fit into tracks and are thus protected. It’s an old idea but one that works well.

While any track will pair perfectly with a sliding barn door, box tracks have a few distinct advantages. Depending on the type of door, its size, and the style you’re going for, a box track might just be the piece you were looking for to complete your assembly.

To picture how box track hardware works, the door panel hangs on rollers or hangers on the inside of the track. The track itself is mounted over the wall and door opening and is attached using brackets. These brackets like a glove wrap around the top and sides of the track and the bottom, providing the track itself with an extra layer of stability.

Select a track length at least twice the width of your door. We have bi-parting hardware kit available for the type of applications.

Unfinished raw steel is just that – the metal is not treated, and it’s intended to have a worn and weathered look over time. The material is susceptible to pitting and rust, giving the hardware a time-worn look that meshes well with rustic, shabby chic, and industrial design schemes.

Box Track Sliding Door Hardware Doors and Kits are used in the wide variety of applications:

  • Barns: Stable, Horse Stall, & Inclined Gable doors.
  • Home Setting: Lofts, Garage, Bedroom, & Bathroom doors.
  • Museums: Art Gallery, & Partition doors.
  • Wineries: Tasting Room doors.
  • Industrial Facilities: Doors for Refineries, Warehouses, Manufacturing & Aerospace.
  • Zoo’s: Animal Barn, Veterinarian
  • Security Facilities as a security gates

Galvanized Steel Barn Door Hardware Kit

Our heavy duty galvanized sliding barn door hardware kits are designed to last years in any setting.

Our heavy duty galvanized sliding barn door hardware kits are built to last and won’t disappoint! Our hardware kits can handle the elements and withstand the toughest temperatures. They are also easy to install and come complete with all the parts needed to make installation quick and painless.

Doors are not included with the purchase of any sliding door hardware kit.